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Storient Meerschaum History

In the world of pipe making, Storient Meerschaum Pipes Co. Ltd might be considered something of the new kid on the block. But, don’t let this company’s age fool you. Inside the relatively short Storient Meerschaum history, you will find dedicated carvers who have been in the game for decades. Founded in 2004 in Eskisehir, Turkey, Storient was still supplying their quality carved Meerschaum pipes to other Meerschaum importers throughout Europe, Russian, the U.S., and Canada under those companies’ brand names. Not content to remain hidden behind the scenes, in 2010, Storient made the leap from supplier to brand name.

Storient Meerschaum Brand

Storient knew that to make a name for their selves in this fairly exclusive industry, Storient Meerschaum Historyespecially if they wanted their work noticed by the real aficionados and serious collectors that their work had to be top notch or nothing at all. This is why they use only the best quality meerschaum block. More specifically, this means the Sarisu meerschaum blocks coming out of Sarisu Village in the Eskisehir province. Basically, these meerschaum blocks are recognized as the highest grade and quality of meerschaum in the world and were the blocks of choice used by Viennese carvers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Storient Meerschaum Crafters

Storient Meerschaum Pipes are carved by masters of the art, including Ismail Baglan, Yunus Ege, the Emin brothers, Mesut Gezer, Ramazan Karaca, and Izzet Kirka. Each of Storient’s hand-crafted pipes is subjected to strict testing of their engineering before they are approved for sale on the Storient website. The website assures potential buyers that they keep 10 pipes of every model on hand and quickly reproduce those works as they are sold, so more often than not, a buyer never need fear being told a displayed model is out of stock or unavailable. In the event a particular pipe has sold at increasing rates, it takes as little as seven days for Storient to replace the pipe.

Storient Meerschaum Case

Each pipe model bought from Storient comes in its own leather covered wooden cases with the Storient logo featured on the inside. And, stating that their goal is to be in the ranks of legendary meerschaum pipe producers like CAO, Storient is well on their way to not just creating a recognized brand of quality, but poised to become a company that years from now other young companies will look to for guidance and inspiration. If you’re looking for the best in Meerschaum, take a look at Storient.

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