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Storing pipe tobacco in a tin or pouch?

Tobacco Tin or Tobacco Pouch? 

Should You Store Tobacco in a Tobacco Tin or Pouch? One of the most iconic images associated with the tobacco pipe smoker's art is the tobacco tin. For more than one hundred years, tobacco has been commonly packed and sold in these tins, which bear information about their makers, flavors, and ingredients. There is nothing quite like opening a tin of tobacco for the first time and being able to enjoy the aroma of a blend that's truly fresh. These tins began to appear around the time of World War I and have been a part of pipe smoking culture ever since, an indispensable part of the pipe smoking experience.

In some ways, the tobacco tin is one of the most important things that separate the smoker of pipes from the smoker of cigarettes or even cigars. As a class, people who select pipes want to be involved in every step of the process. They enjoy feeling, smelling and tasting their tobacco, and this is how pipe smoking has evolved into a hobby that makes use of all the senses. Still, there is nagging doubt about the tin -- is it the best way to store your tobacco? If not, how should you do so? The answers are waiting below.

Among all of the kinds of tobacco imaginable, the most durable tobacco comes from the state of Virginia. Virginia tobacco can last up to a century, but it will rarely be able to do so in a tobacco tin. To get this kind of life out of it, you will need to store it inside a more air tight container. Some people prefer a mason jar for this. However, even something as simple as a freezer bag can extend the life of your tobacco from a few weeks to even as long as several years. You don't even need to remove the tobacco from the tin.

Tobacco tin collectors point out that while you can display these tins for their stylish aspect, you cannot do the same with tobacco pouches. Tins are durable and will last for a good, long time. Plus, they can be packed away during short trips so that they won't be lost, damaged or accidentally disposed of. Treated correctly, both tins and pouches have similar qualities for helping keep your tobacco fresh; in the end, it's up to you. Many people enjoy the timeless look of tins, but also appreciate the chance to own a tobacco pouch that they can call their own.

Tobacco Tin or Pouch