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The Savinelli Qandale from TobaccoPipes.com

The Savinelli Qandale is an extension of the Savinelli Churchwarden series, a line of tobacco pipes which today are deemed amongst the most popular classic pipes made by Savinelli, as they are a reflection of the traditional Savinelli heritage, from the time the brand originated in 1876, and evolved from a small workshop producing superior quality smoking pipe, through a period of four generations of dedicated individuals, into a worldwide luxury brand. The Savinelli name has now become synonymous with the best quality products available in the world of smoking pipes, tobaccos, cigars and lighters, which distribute their products to all the countries in the world.

Long stemmed pipes today are more popular than they have ever been, as modernity demands retrospection, and sophisticated smokers long to get the feel of the olden times of comfort, conjuring up images of sages and wise men sitting around fires, smoking on their Savinelli Qandale pipes, with the long stems and beautiful finishes, sharing stories, and bonding over quality smoking.

The Savinelli Qandale series offer a smooth and rustic version of the long stemmed pipe, and come in beautiful complementing colors, which make the Savinelli Qandale a true standout pipe in the Savinelli tobacco pipe line.

Unlike the other Savinelli Churchwarden pipe product line, that does NOT support the Savinelli Balsa System Filter in an effort to maintain a connection of the pipes of the olden times, the Savinelli Qandale has been a modern upgrade, which DOES support the 6mnm balsa filters to provide smokers with the cool, comfortable smoking experience Savinelli is famous for.

The Savinelli Balsa Filter System is a patented filter system unique to Savinelli. It works based on the characteristics that are unique to balsa wood. Balsa wood allows natural absorption, so there are no additives or chemicals used to activate absorption in Savinelli pipes.

The balsa system does away with humidity and the irritating drizzle that comes with smoking pipes. It is built into the barrel of the pipe; hence it provides a smaller scale and cleaner filtering system, making a better smoking experience. The power of absorption works best as it comes from porous, high grade balsa fiber which provides the best smoke, without degrading any flavor or affecting the aroma of the tobacco. This provides a quality smoking experience for those who employ it in their classic Savinelli Qandale smoking pipes, experiencing the unique feel of the Savinelli smoking experience while staying in touch with its traditional splendor.