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Tobacco Pipe Apple Shape

Enjoying a great smoke of a tobacco pipe is one of the world's favorite pastimes. A few minutes with your pipe will help you relax and enjoy the tobacco the way it was intended to be enjoyed. For many, however, the act of shopping for and finding new pipes to add to their collection is just as enjoyable as actually sitting down and smoking one. From the wizard-like churchwarden to the even more familiar Sherlock Holmes style pipes, there are different options for everyone. And one of the favorite shapes among pipe lovers is the apple shape.

Just Like An Apple

The apple shape is just what it sounds like. The bowl of these is fat, round, and shaped very much like an apple. These pipes are frequently made from all types of materials and feature numerous finishes, but share the bowl shape that links them together.

Apple Shape Impact

It may be hard to understand just what a different shape like an apple will mean to your smoke, but it really does impact a lot of different things. The first is simply the visible style. Being able to appreciate the way that your pipe looks is of obvious importance, and it's worth taking a close look at numerous shapes in order to get an idea of which ones you really like. And of course, different shapes will feel different in your hands. This means that just holding a certain shape of pipe will have a big impact on the way you enjoy the smoke.

When it comes to the actual act of smoking, an apple shaped tobacco pipe will have other obvious effects on the process. The overall amount of tobacco it can hold, for instance, will vary depending on its size. It will also smoke differently than other pipes due to the simple fact that its wider bowl allows for a different kind of burn.

Tobacco Pipe Apple ShapeFinding the Right Apple Shape

The key to finding the right apple shaped bowl for you is to be patient. Just as it takes time to really enjoy a good smoking session, it takes time to find the right pipe. Look at things like the stem shape and length, the overall size of the apple shaped bowl, the material it is made from, and even the color of the finish and the grain that you see. Each of these factors will have a big impact on the way you enjoy your pipe. There are plenty of apple shaped tobacco pipes out there, so be sure to take your time and find the right one for you.

Find your Apple Shape tobacco pipe!