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Tobacco Pipe Bent Apple Shape

Smoking a tobacco pipe is one of the oldest pastimes in the world, and it dates back for centuries. Many of today's pipes are still quite similar in shape and design to those used ages ago, mainly because there's really no much room for improvement beyond some of the classic styles. One of the 'Classic English' shapes of pipes is the apple shape. And combined with a bent stem to form a bent apple shaped pipe, it's one of the most popular and enjoyable types of pipes out there.

Tobacco Pipe Bent Apple ShapeLike An Apple

The apple shape is a fat, wide, round one that really does resemble a small apple. It comes in numerous sizes and allows smokers to get a long, smooth smoke during their session. Apple shapes are available in virtually all types of wood and from all major pipe makers.

Bent stems add a bit of panache to one's smoking experience. They can help cool the smoke to offer a more enjoyable experience, too. But for many, there are few things that can compare with the simple pleasure of feeling a good bent pipe in their hand. It feels natural, and adds something extra to your smoking sessions that others just can't match.

Bent Apple In Your Collection

Finding the right bent apple shaped pipe for your collection is important, and you need to go about it in the same way you would any other pipe purchase. Start off by looking at the different options and narrowing down your choices. Consider the overall shape of the bowl as well as its size. Also look at the bend. There are full bends, half bends, and even less bent options so find the one that matches your tastes the best.

Aesthetics of a Bent Apple

From there, you'll want to look at aesthetic issues like the grain in the pipe, the stain color, and the type of wood or material that it's made from. No matter what you finally decide on, the odds are good that you'll find a bent apple pipe out there for you.

Remember that when you get your pipe you need to spend some time slowly smoking it to build up a good, quality cake. Breaking in your bent apple pipe will make sure that you get a lifetime of use from it.

There are plenty of choices out there, and for many just adding a great new pipe to their collection is a huge part of the joy of smoking. You may find that you agree.

Get your tobacco pipe!