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Tobacco Pipe Bent Rhodesian Shape

It has often been said that a bent style tobacco pipe is much more convenient to use when you need to use your hands for something else besides holding it.  Individuals who like to smoke when they are reading or working usually prefer a bent style pipe such as the bent Rhodesian because they do not interfere with their line of sight.  This is most likely the primary reason why individuals select this particular pipe style.  However, there are other variables that you have to take into consideration.

Shape of Rhodesian Tobacco Pipe

One of the first considerations is the shape of the tobacco pipe which was already discussed above along with the reasoning behind choosing a bent Rhodesian shape.  Where pipe smoking aficionados and collectors are concerned, appearances are everything.  So even if it has the right look, if the finish doesn’t appeal to you, then the pipe’s shape is immaterial and stops being a consideration.

Finish of Tobacco Pipe

The same holds true whenever you are considering manufacturers and quality standards.  For instance, if the finish (sandblasted or smooth), the grain, and the staining do not appeal to you, it really won’t matter if it’s a bargain, how good the quality of it is, or who made it.  As far as you are concerned, it won’t be worth it.  However, the scenario changes considerably if you are looking at a display full of different pipes.  Putting all of the other aspects and elements to the side, it now becomes a matter of how the pipe smokes.

Tobacco Pipe Bent Rhodesian ShapeBent Rhodesian Bowl Size

Here is another consideration where the selection of a bent Rhodesian pipe is concerned.  Even if your tongue doesn’t burn when smoking, but the pipe gets excessively warm and uncomfortable in your hand, then a bowl with a wider outside diameter would be a better option to consider.  In this case, the bent Rhodesian is a member of the Bulldog family of pipes that are characterized by a wider outside bowl diameter.  The top of the bowl is easier to handle since the wall of it at this point is considerably thicker.

Holding a Bent Rhodesian

In closing, a final consideration is the way in which you hold your pipe.  If the bent Rhodesian you are interested in features a saddle bit on the stem, it will be ideal for clenching between your teeth when you need to keep your hands free.  Conversely, tapered bits tend to be somewhat thicker and not as easily held with the teeth.  In either case, you are the one who has to be comfortable with your tobacco pipe.