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Tobacco Pipe Billiard Shape

Every tobacco pipe in a collection is a bit different. Whether it's the overall size, the shank length, the shape of the bowl, or even just the finish, each one offers a slightly different experience. There are plenty of incredibly unique shapes out there as well as many that are more familiar. Nearly every collection of pipes out there will have a billiard shaped one, and usually there will be multiple billiards. It's the most popular style and shape of pipe in the world today, and every pipe maker offers one or more to choose from.

Tobacco Pipe Billiard ShapeBilliard Basic Features

The basic features of a billiard shaped pipe is that the bowl and chamber will both be
cylindrical in shape. The shank is roughly the same length as the height of the bowl, giving the pipe a simple but respectable overall appearance. It delivers an excellent smoke and is a perfect pipe for beginners, but also remains popular among long-time pipe smokers. It's also a great option when you're traveling since it is easy to carry with you.

Billiard Variations

There are different variations of the billiard shape, as well. For instance, a billiard pipe that has a short bowl is known as a 'pot'. Those that have much taller bowls than the standard model are known as a 'chimney' or as a 'stacked billiard'. If the stem and shank of the billiard are both short, it's usually called a 'stubby' while those with longer shanks are called 'Canadians'. And on the occasions that you encounter a billiard with a full-bent shank, you're looking at what's known as either an 'Oom Paul' or a 'Hungarian'.

Classic Billiard Shape

This is widely considered to be the most classic of all the classic shapes, and many of today's other shapes are basically modified versions of the billiard. A slightly rounder bowl that departs from the cylindrical shape is an apple, for instance.

Beyond the basic shape and size of the billiard, those looking to purchase one will simply have to think about the color of the finish, the material it is made from, and the manufacturer. By remembering these basic points and comparing the different options you should have no trouble finding exactly the kind of billiard that is right for your collection.

From beginning pipe lovers to seasoned pipe smokers, there is always room for another billiard in the collection. They're easy to use, provide a great smoking experience, and are a solid, respected style that offers a lot to love. 

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