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Tobacco Pipe Canadian With Oval Shank Shape

The selection of tobacco pipes out there is just as vast and varied as the selection of different tobaccos. Every pipe smoker has their own personal ideas about what makes for a good pipe and a good tobacco, as well as the kind of environment that they would prefer to smoke in.

Canadian Pipes

This being the fact of the matter, there is always something new to discover in the world of tobacco pipes. If you want to cast your gaze further afield, you will also find that every country has its own ideas about pipes, and that includes the people of Canada.

When Canadians were developing their first pipes, they had to do so with an eye toward the weather and the conditions that they were facing. Of course, the very first European tobacco pipes to come to Canada were in the baggage of explorers from England, France, and elsewhere who arrived with the hopes of settling.

Canadian Pipe All Over the World

However, these intrepid adventurers soon realized that because of the harsh conditions in Canadian weather, they needed to do more to ensure that their tobacco would not become moist and be ruined -- even while they were smoking it! This gave rise to many approaches to the Canadian pipe.

Of all of these, the tobacco pipe Canadian with oval shank shape is one of the most popular that persists to the present day. It has even been widely adopted by people far from Canada, such as those in the United States and throughout continental Europe.

Canadian With Oval Shank Shape

It derives from the “billiard” type of pipe, which is one of the longest and most slender types, characterized by a narrow sort of stem and shank that leads up to a traditional “tall” bowl with a large opening. Because of the length of the shank, the smoke has a tendency to be cooler.

When the Canadian tobacco pipe includes an oval shank, it is generally referred to as a “lumberman.” While the oval shank does not infringe upon the cooling qualities of the shank, it does offer a much more striking appearance.

Legend has it that the “lumberman” type of pipe actually did originate with the first lumber camps organized in Canada, and that they were initially hand crafted by men who were out on the job site. Because of the tools available to them for carving, their tobacco pipes almost invariably had the oval shank shape which many smokers now think of as the authentic lumberman.