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Tobacco Pipe Care

How to maintain and care for your pipe:

Proper maintenance and care for your pipe will ensure it tastes great and lasts a long time. If not properly cleaned it could develop a sour taste limiting the enjoyment of your tobacco pipe. You should clean your pipe after every use and also once a week. Never leave unsmoked tobacco in your pipe. As that could also ruin the taste of your tobacco pipe.

To properly clean the pipe:

  1. Make sure the tobacco pipe is cool before separating the mouthpiece from the bowl and attempting to clean it.
  2. Make sure all the ash is cleaned out of the bowl by holding it by the bowl and gently knocking against a surface. You may want to purchase cork knocker for your ashtray to assist you with this.
  3. Use a Dill’s Daily Pipe Cleaner and gently push it back and forth in the stem. Use multiple pipe cleaners and continue this process until pipe cleaner is mostly clean.
  4. Take another Dill’s Daily Pipe Cleaner and clean the inside of the bowl to avoid too much cake in the bowl. Bend a Dill’s Daily Pipe Cleaner in half and rub it around the bowl a couple times making sure not to remove too much cake on the bowl.
  5. Once a week, depending on use, use a Dill’s Weekly Pipe Cleaner on your pipe. The weekly pipe cleaning will ensure a great taste and make your tobacco pipe last longer.
  6. Every month, depending on use, a solvent may be needed to thoroughly clean the stem and shank of your tobacco pipe. This cleaning will help prevent the pipe from absorbing too much moisture and help the taste fresh.

What is Cake?

Cake is very important for the bowl of a tobacco pipe. The cake insulates the bowl and helps the air flow for the tobacco to have a clean and even burn. The cake will also help prevent bowl burn outs.

To prevent the bowl of the tobacco pipe from breaking, the cake should be at a maximum of 1/16 of an inch thick. A pipe reaming tool will help scrape the cake to the desired thickness.