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Tobacco Pipe Clubs – Keep the embers Lit

Tobacco pipes are a part of history, just as much as any other aspect of civilization.  Pipe smoking has been handed down for centuries, from the ancient Chinese to the Native Americans and beyond.  As a result, pipe smokers are a proud bunch.  And the actual hobby of smoking a pipe carries with it numerous little rituals, appreciations, and other aspects that make it great to enjoy on your own or to share with others.  That's probably why Tobacco pipe clubs have become so common across the country.  The internet has made it even easier for pipe lovers to get together, organize or join clubs, and more.

Most tobacco pipe clubs are focused on one of two things – or maybe both.  The first is just the protection and advancement of the appreciation of tobacco pipes and smoking them.  Obviously there's been a lot in the news over the last few years concerning tobacco smoke and the health hazards, even those from tobacco pipes.  It's getting harder and harder to find a place to light up, the prices of tobacco are doubling and tripling, and many people who smoke get treated like pariahs.  Many tobacco pipe clubs actually work towards helping smokers protect their right to smoke and to enhance the public knowledge about this enjoyable pastime.

Some tobacco pipe clubs are simply devoted to getting together a group of people who love tobacco pipes.  Having the chance to show off your favorite pipe, to talk about the new tobacco you just fell in love with, to discuss new pipe manufacturers, and just hang out with some likeminded individuals is often enough of a reason to join a pipe club and take your smoking outside of your study.  There are pipe clubs in nearly every major city, and it's easier than ever to find one nearby you.

Whether you're thinking of starting your own tobacco pipe club as a way of getting together with a couple of friends that you don't see enough of or are looking to become a part of a major pipe club that's been operating for years, you've got plenty of options.  The number of pipe clubs is greater than most think, and all you need is an interest in or a love of tobacco pipes to start taking the steps towards joining one.  Some have dues, some are completely free, but all of them will help you get more pleasure from your pipe and meet some great people in the process.