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Tobacco Pipe Crowd Gets Younger

Central Michigan University sophomore, Dan Nemets, likes heavy-metal musician Ozzy Osbourne , the TV show "Family Guy," and a good tobacco pipe.

About 18 months ago, Dan walked into a tobacco pipe shop close to the Mount Pleasant campus.  Not being allowed to smoke in the dorm, Dan hit the social media sites. Dan went to facebook to find likeminded individuals to start smoking with.

"They say everyone has an inner child," the 19-year-old says. "I guess I have an inner old man."

A well-known competition among tobacco pipe smokers is the slow-smoking contest. This competition is designed to see who can keep a pipe burning the longest. Each competitor is only allowed two matches.

Vernon E Vig, 71, says that the younger crowd is eager to learn. He has seen a definite increase in young professionals and college students.

After years of declining pipe tobacco sales, they are finally on the rise. Some thanks goes to social networking sites.  These sites have allowed for groups to unite and share their experience with tobacco pipes. It also allows them to easily ask one another questions on tobacco pipes.

When Sykes Wilford, who is 28, first tried it, he burned his tongue. It is not unusual for him to have his iPhone in one hand and his tobacco pipe in the other.