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Tobacco pipe for women: A little history

Pipe smoking has a long and rich history in both the real world and in the fictional one. Many famous people, real and fictional, smoked pipes. But the fact is that for years pipe smoking has commonly been associated with men and thought of as an "old boys club". While it's true that there are more notable male tobacco pipe smokers than female, women smoke tobacco pipes as well and have for centuries.

Tobacco pipe for women, a historyWomen smoke tobacco pipes too!

This was particularly true in the 17th and 18th centuries, when many women of both common and noble blood enjoyed a smoke. The preferred method then was through clay pipes, which featured thin bowls, long stems, and an overall elegant design that provided women with the kind of pipe that suited them the best. As years rolled on, pipe smoking among women gradually dwindled in popularity but now it is beginning to return to prominence.

Women Pipe Enjoyment

The reasons women smoke pipes are the same as the reasons that men do. A pipe is a great way to end a long day or to take a break in the middle of a hectic, stressful workday. It also offers a lot of enjoyment in that there are numerous aromatic tobaccos that provide a sweet, enjoyable sensation that is far better than what a cigarette could provide. And with cigarette use gradually disappearing, pipes have become more popular than in recent years since they offer a different experience.

Women Love Churchwardens

There are plenty of different tobacco pipes on the market and while women are obviously free to choose any of them, some styles are more popular than others. Things like billiards and 'shorts' are quite popular for their small size, as are churchwardens. The long stems and unique shape of the churchwarden has given it a popularity that other pipes can't match, made even more popular thanks to its use in fantasy films. Women frequently use churchwardens, but they are just as likely to be seen puffing on a good apple shaped pipe, a volcano, or even an author style pipe.

No matter the reason for deciding to smoke a pipe, there's a lot to love about doing so. And as the stigma of pipe smoking among women vanishes, the number of female tobacco pipe smokers is likely to increase even more over the future. With an ample selection of pipes and plenty of great types of tobacco available, there are plenty of options available for any woman looking to enter the wonderful world of pipe smoking.