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Tobacco Pipe Lumberman Shape

Pipe manufacturers today can name new smoking products coming off the lines just about any name they choose.  In years gone by, tobacco pipes with long shanks were oftentimes referred to as Canadians by some aficionados, collectors, and manufacturers.  While others had the tendency to name the different variations involved.  Over time, they referred to them as one of a couple of different names or styles.  To this day, this is still the case.  One such popular variation of the Canadian is the Lumberman shape tobacco pipe.

Lumberman ShapeLumberman Shape Name

Different names such as Liverpool, Lovat, and Lumberman have been given to Canadian pipe varieties based on certain features.  For instance, a billiard-shaped bowl variety featuring an oval shank and tapered stem is called a Canadian.  The Liverpool has a longer, rounded shank and a tapered stem.  The Lovat is a Billiard style with a longer, rounded shank and a saddle style stem.  Finally, the Lumberman is best described as a Canadian with an oval shank and a shorter, saddle style stem and is sometimes called a Saddle Canadian.

From a classification standpoint, the Canadian and the Lovat styles have the strongest name recognition while the Lumberman is considered the weakest link of the four.  Interestingly enough, many pipe collectors and smokers refer to all longer shank varieties as Canadians.  However, using that name interchangeably is obviously not the proper thing to do.  What you need to be aware of is the fact that several manufacturers produce a Lumberman style pipe, all of which have slight, almost unnoticeable variations.

Lumberman Shape Appearance

Some Lumberman pipes have a volcano-like appearance with a broader shank and a tipped backwards, tapered bowl.  In most cases, the finish on this style of smoking pipe is a rich, warm matte finish.  However, unique variations do exist in the marketplace such as those that have a sandblasted finish instead of the standard matte finish.  All you have to do is search the internet and you will see all the varieties and finishes that are currently available.

Additionally, one of the reasons that the Lumberman style pipe is so popular is the flatter bit on the saddle styled stem.  The pipe can easily be smoked without the use of one’s hands as the flatter bit is more conducive to being held with the teeth alone.  However, you still need to see if this will feel comfortable when held in such a manner as no two pipe aficionados, collectors, and smokers are ever alike.