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Tobacco Pipe Prince Shape

One of the tobacco pipe shapes that has oftentimes been compared to the Billiard family of pipes is the Apple.  Although the proportions of the Apple and the Billiard are similar, the bowl of the former is more rounded.  Additionally, the pipe can be fitted with either an Army mount,  saddle, or tapered stem, but the tapered is usually the more preferred stem of the three.  One of the more popular styles of the Apple family of pipes is the Prince shape.  Although it is similar in design, there are some significant differences to be aware of.

Prince ShapePrince Shape Name

The pipe’s name is derived from the Prince of Wales and features a somewhat flatter bowl than that of the Apple.  The shank is typically shorter and thinner while the stem is longer and slightly bent.  Loewe’s, the London-based designer, is credited for designing the pipe during the 1920’s for Edward VIII or Edward Prince of Wales.  Both graceful and sophisticated in appearance, the Prince shape pipe is said to reflect the elegance of that era as well as the Prince’s impeccable style and taste.

Prince Shape Finishes

You have a choice of sandblasted or smooth finishes with this particular style of pipe and copper fittings on the shank.  Prince shape pipes are characterized by the elegance and grace of the classic briar pipes while their high-quality interior construction delivers a superb smoking experience.  Smoking the pipe is easy yet surprisingly comfortable to use when walking or working and not having your hands free to hold it.

Prince Shape Stem

Being slightly bent, the Prince appeals to those pipe smokers who want something in between a full-bent or a straight stemmed pipe.  For them, this is the best of both worlds.  For those individuals, they prefer the flavor of a specific pipe tobacco, namely the English/Balkan blends.  The pipe style amplifies the complex nature of these tobaccos and their tastefulness.  The chamber is more squared off compared to the Billiard styles of pipes.

As a result, the more tobacco burns because the surface of the blend you are smoking is more exposed.  As was mentioned above, there are sandblasted and smooth finishes to choose from but to get a better idea of what all is available in Prince shape pipes, you should do some research on the internet so you can see all the possibilities.  If you have a favorite tobacco pipe shop and are a recognized patron, you might want to speak with one of the experts that work there for more information or advice.