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Vauen Filters – At the Forefront of Filtration Technology

In 1921, Vauen filters were some of the first to exist in the pipe industry. At the time, the filter was just a small piece of paper, but many innovations in this area were to come. In 1934, the Dr. Perl junior activated charcoal filter hit the market, and the world of pipe filters has never looked the same since. Today, a whopping 95% of smokers in Germany choose to use an activated charcoal filter. Most pipes, both those produced by Vauen and those from competitors, are designed to accommodate the vastly popular 9mm filter. The right filter is almost as important as the right pipe.

Vauen Filters Technology

Vauen puts a great deal of time, attention, and research into their filter technology. The Dr. Perl junior activated charcoal filter is the world's top-selling pipe filter and for good reason. This filter uses the Conex system, which has been found in all Vauen pipes since 1968. This involves a conical plug inside the pipe that the filter fits into. The shape of this plug helps to ensure that as little smoke as possible will escape around the Conex. All of the smoke is then forced through the filter. Vauen filters notably change the entire smoking experience by preventing any unfiltered smoke from reaching the smoker.

Vauen Filters Carbon 

The Dr. Perl junior filter is a favorite in the pipe world because of its high quality activated carbon. Since the introduction of the Dr. Perl filter, activated carbon has been the filtering method of choice for all pipe filters. However, Vauen filters are superior to many competitors in the quantity and quality of the carbon. It's important for pipe filters to have as much activated carbon as possible. If there are only a few pieces of carbon in the filter, a good deal of smoke will pass through without being filtered properly. To understand the importance of carbon, it helps to understand how it works.

 Vauen Filters Perfect Fit

Activated carbon has a porous surface. For it to work properly as a filter, the smoke must pass through the carbon pieces rather than around them. When the smoke is pulled through the channels in the activated carbon pieces, it is filtered successfully. Dr. Perl junior filters also feature non-chlorine bleached filter paper which absorbs humidity and keeps it away from the activated carbon. Every element of Vauen filters is carefully chosen for the maximum effect. Smoking with these filters ensures a superior experience with any pipe. As long as your pipe is outfitted with a Conex for 9mm filters, you'll be able to enjoy these products.