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Vauen Meerschaum Tobacco Pipes

Vauen is a one hundred and fifty year old German pipe manufacturing company. It is one the first pipe manufacturing companies with various unique designs. Meerschaum is a soft white mineral often found in the Black Sea and is usually suggestive of sea foam. Meerschaum is one of the earliest materials used to make pipes. The use of the once unique meerschaum was on the verge of extinction as the manufacturers found more durable and economic materials such as wood for the construction of pipes. However, lately meerschaum is being used as a lining material inside the bowls of the smoking pipes. The Vauen Meerschaum is a exquisite example of how meerschaum works beautifully with wood to make a versatile and unique pipe.

MeerschuamVauen Meerschaum Tobacco Pipes

Excavated meerschaum is soft and white, almost as soft as talc. However, on application of heat it tends to harden which makes it ideal for making pipes and cigarette holders. Due to its porous nature and softness it has often been mistaken as soapstone. Previously many pipe bowls were made entirely of meerschaum. This mineral has a unique property that is when it is exposed to heat and oils from a users hand it tends to change color from tones of amber, gold and even red. Another property of this unique material due to its porous nature is that it allows greater airflow, making the smoker better able to smoke the entire bowl of tobacco thus reducing waste. While meerschaum has a historic importance and plenty of practical applications, a well used meerschaum pipe is almost never a pretty sight. In addition to its esthetic restrictions a meerschaum pipe is quite brittle, it tends to fracture if it is knocked down or if it falls. They also fracture or break if allowed to get too hot. By the time manufactured discovered ultra-hard woods and devised methods to make it heat resistant the use of meerschaum in pipes went out of vogue, simply because wood is more attractive and economical.

Briar and Meerschaum

However, there is still demand for the heat-resistant qualities of meerschaum. The Vauen Meerschaum pipe collection is a brilliant example of how these two materials can be combined skillfully to make an eye-catching pipe worthy of being a part of anyone's collection. Like all Vauen pipes the exterior of the Vauen Meerschaum pipes are made of the finest quality of briar wood. Only 10% of the brair wood produced in the world meets the strict guidelines of the Vauen manufacturers. The Vauen Meerschaum is handcrafted Vauen Meerschaum Lined 7286N Straight Tobacco Pipeand stained with meticulous to detail in all 60 of the distinct work stages. The interior is composed of a meerschaum lining. The meerschaum lining decreases the likelihood of burnout to nearly zero and also eliminates the need to worry about developing cake.
A meerschaum lined briar pipe like the Vauen Meerschaum Tobacco pipe allows the the smoker to enjoy the sweetness and improved burnout created by the porous meerschaum along with the durability of wood.

Combining the iconic meerschaum pipe with a hand crafted, hand stained briar is nothing short of genius. This unique combination results in a sweet smooth smoke that lasts a lifetime.

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