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Vauen Palma Pipes

Some pipe collectors like to break away from convention and try something new every once in a while. If you are looking for a pipe design that is bold and innovative, then you need to check out the Vauen Palma line of pipes. The sharp right angle lines in these designs are offset by the extremely unique bowl design that you will not find anywhere else. Each pipe looks like a contemporary work of art that, in many respects, is to dignified to use as a smoking utensil. But the engineering that has gone into the smoking portion of the pipe helps to enhance the overall experience of using it.

Palma DesignVauen Palma Pipes

The best way to describe the design inspiration of the Vauen Palma line for people who are not familiar with them is to say that they look like they incorporated a corn cob pipe with a lavish design and came up with something very unique. The standard pipes that most companies make, and most people buy, have that swooping design which is a natural movement from the mouthpiece, to the stem, to the bowl. The Vauen Palma designs are much more deliberate than that as they have the stem meeting the bowl at a 90 degree angle. It is something that most true pipe collectors have never seen before.

Silver Ring

The bowl of a Vauen Palma meets the stem at a silver ring that helps to seal the stem to the removable bowl. The depth of the bowl is unique considering how compact the rest of the design is. This pipe was obviously designed for maximum smoking pleasure as the design emphasis is squarely placed on where the tobacco is housed. The three-piece pipe is easy to clean, which one would not expect considering its unique design. The importance of being able to clean a pipe was not lost on the Vauen Palma designers.

Vauen PalmaVauen Palma Models

The variety on the Vauen Palma pipe line comes with the look of each pipe. You can choose a standard marbled brown design with a smooth finish to it, or you can choose a sleek black design that looks a bit more contemporary. You can get a Vauen Palma with a deep, brown finish to it, or you can get one that the contrast of brown and ash colors on it. These are pipes that are designed for the serious smoker who wants something that contains his personality along with his desire to enjoy the taste of a good smoke from time to time.

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