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Vauen Palma Tobacco Pipes

Some pipe collectors like to break away from the norm and try something unique once in a while. If you are looking for a pipe that has a bold and innovative design, then look no further than the Vauen Palma line of pipes. Each of these pipes is like a contemporary work of art. The engineering that goes into making the smoking portion of a Vauen Palma pipe enhances the whole experience of using it.

Vauen Palma Tobacco PipesVauen History

The journey of the Vauen Palma tobacco pipe started in Germany in the mid 1800's. This pipe is a product of one of the first pipe manufacturing companies in the world. The company was founded by Carl August Zeiner and Karl Ellenberger. The company first started manufacturing tobacco pipes in 1848 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company is a family run affair to date. Alexander Eckert took over the business in 1982 as a fifth-generation manager of the company. He continues to head Vauen today. While the company has been well established for about one hundred and fifty years now, Vauen pipes really gained massive popularity and a strong grip in the market with the introduction of filters. Though the first Vauen filter was made of paper, a more modern activated carbon based filter was introduced soon after.

Palma Pipes

If you are not familiar with the design of the Vauen Palma pipes the best way to describVauen Palma 096 Tobacco Pipee it would be that it looks like they incorporated a corn-cob pipe with a lavish new design made into something exceptional. Mostly the pipes available in the market, manufactured by most companies that usually people buy have a basic design that is the pipe has a gradual curve from mouth piece to the stem that goes to the bowl. The Vauen with its innovative design have engineered a pipe that gives an angle of 90 degree at the junction of the stem and the bowl. It is a design even the most true pipe collectors had never seen before.

Palma Design

The bowl of the Vauen Palma pipe meets the stem at a silver ring that helps to seal the removable bowl. The depth of the bowl is quite distinctive considering how compressed the rest of the design is. The Vauen Palma pipe was designed to give its user maximum smoking pleasure as is reflected by its design which emphasis highly on the housing of the tobacco. The importance of a clean pipe was not over looked by the experienced and highly skilled craftsman of the Vauen Palma pipe. The three piece pipe is very easy to Vauen Palma 496 Tobacco Pipeclean, which is quite unexpected considering its one of a kind design.

Another distinctive feature of the Vauen Palma pipe is the wood it's made from. Vauen pipe making history tells us to expect nothing but the best from its German manufacturers. The material of choice for a real Vauen Palma pipe is brair wood, not any kind of briar wood would do, only the best. Only 10% of briar wood produced matches up to the standards of the German manufacturers to be used for the construction of a Vauen Palma pipe. The pipe is then hand crafted with painstaking detail. Such attention to detail and fine craftsmen produces a high quality pipe that any smoker would value.

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