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Vauen Pipe versus Vuillard Pipe – Germany's Pipemakers or France's

There are many interesting factors to consider in the Vauen pipe versus Vuillard pipe debate. To begin with, these pipes are manufactured in vastly different countries. Both have long-standing histories, but Vuillard pipes originated in easternFrancewhile Vauen pipes were born inNuremberg,Germany. Vauen pipes are still produced under the company's distinctive name, short for Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken Nuremberg. Meanwhile, Vuillard has been taken over by the Cuty-Fort group and is now lead by Chacom. Though Vuillard pipes are still produced in their original style, the company is no longer run as traditionally as Vauen, which retains its independence.

Vauen Pipe versus Vuillard Pipe

While the history of the pipes in the Vauen pipe versus Vuillard pipe debate is fascinating, it may not lend much to the final decision making process of consumers who aren't interested in the finer points of these business dealings. The distinctive features of the pipes in question may be of more interest. The most notable feature of Vauen pipes is the filtration system found in each one. Vauen was a pioneer in the field of pipe filtration. If well-filtered air is important to you, you can't do better than a Vauen pipe with the signature Dr. Perl junior system filter.

Vauen Pipes

Vauen pipes were the first to use activated carbon filters. Carbon is a porous substance. AsVauen Pipes the smoke passes through a high quality activated carbon filter, it is pushed through the pores in the carbon and thus filtered. Paper filters and even low quality activated carbon filters don't offer these same benefits. Vauen pipes are well known as the best in the area of filtration. If you're looking for top quality filters, the answer to the Vauen pipe versus Vuillard pipe debate will be simple. If, however, filtration isn't at the top of your list of important features, you may still want to consider Vuillard.

Vuillard Pipes 

Vuillard PipesVuillard may win in the Vauen pipe versus Vuillard pipe debate for several reasons. French pipes are very well made but often lack the same dedicated following that some English pipes have. For this reason, French manufacturers like Vuillard often offer great prices for the quality that you're getting. Vuillard pipes have a smaller selection than Vauen, but there are still several styles and finishes. If you see a Vuillard pipe that fits your needs at an unbeatable price, you may have the perfect pipe. In the end, the best pipe is always a personal decision based largely on fit and feel.