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Vuillard History

Vuillard Tobacco Pipes History – Vuillard Pipes ofFrance

Vuillard history begins in France in the town of Saint-Claude in the eastern part of the country. Considered to be the birth place of the Briar Pipe design, visitors today can find an oversized pipe perched in Saint-Claude, paying tribute to the town's long history as the home to many pipe makers. Vuillard pipes have been a popular item since their earliest creation. These pipes were even supplied to the French army. Vuillard pipes come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes. If you're looking for a French pipe maker to buy from, Vuillard is a popular choice for smokers around the world.

Vuillard pipes were popular in other parts of Europe from the company's early days. A Vuillard and Strauss store in London was established so that these fine French pipes could be enjoyed by the English. This store, located at 50-52 Fann Street, both sold and assembled these pipes. The bowls and stems of the pipes were shipped from France to London separately. At the Vuillard and Strauss location, these two pieces were put together and the signature stamping applied. Thus, a piece of Vuillard tobacco pipes history allowed these products to earn a "Made in London" label, though the majority of the work was still done in France.

The Vuillard pipe company has undergone many changes throughout history. In 1987, Vuillard pipes merged with several other pipe manufacturers. Together, Chacom, Lacroix, Jeantet, Ropp and Vuillard were united and merged with the Cuty Fort Group. The company is directed by Yves Grenard and Dominique Jeantet. Though Emile Vuillard was the last in Vuillard history to keep the pipe production within the Vuillard family, it is apparent that this pipe company is still in capable French hands. The Cuty Fort Group today is headed by Chacom, but Vuillard pipes retain their original name, well-loved design, and distinctive features.

Vuillard tobacco pipes continues today as a story of success. Through its many changes, the Vuillard pipe company has persisted in producing top quality pipes in the French style and fashion. Vuillard pipes are recognizable by the distinctive "V" symbol stamped on the side of the sleek black stem in pristine white lettering. Vuillard pipes are produced in France in many different shapes and styles. Only fine woods are used in the production of these pipes. Whether you're interested in a matte finish or fine sheen, you'll find plenty of French pipes to suit your tastes from Vuillard pipes.

Vuillard History