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Vuillard Pipe versus Peterson Pipe – French Pipes or Irish

Shopping for a new pipe is a time-consuming experience. You want to choose a pipe that has the right fit and feel in both your mouth and your hand. There are many different manufacturers available. Understanding the history and distinct characteristics of these may help you narrow down your choices to the pipes that will be best for you. When shopping for a new pipe, it can be helpful to try some out in person. When you've found a pipe you like, you can always return to online vendors for the best price. Here, we'll examine two famous brands, the Vuillard pipe versus Peterson pipe.

Vuillard pipe versus Peterson pipe

When you're comparing the Vuillard pipe versus Peterson pipe, one of the first things to consider is the distinctive features of each pipe. Peterson pipes, produced inDublin, have long been considered to be one of the top contenders in fine pipes. While many smokers consider English pipes to be the best, nearly all will admit that the Irish products from Peterson are equally well-made. Peterson pipes are known for certain features that set them apart. The stem includes an air hole for the purpose of minimizing tongue bite. The reservoir is shaped to collect moisture and the overall pipe design promotes a cool, smooth smoke.

Vuillard Pipes

Vuillard PipesThe Vuillard side of the Vuillard pipe versus Peterson pipe debate offers fewer distinctive features. Vuillard pipes are produced inFrance. Though the company is a native of Saint-Claude, Vuillard is currently one among a group of French pipe companies that have been merged with the Cuty Fort Group, lead by Chacom. Some of the fine-tuning of Vuillard pipes may have been lost when the company left family hands and was carried along in this merger. Though French pipes are often discounted by serious smokers, these pipes are still very well designed. In fact, French pipes like Vuillard often offer a very competitive price for carefully crafted pipes.

Peterson Pipes

For sheer variety, Peterson will win the Vuillard pipe versus Peterson pipe debate at mostPeterson Pipe retail locations. There is a wide selection of styles and designs available with these pipes. If you're looking for a simple, classic design, however, you may find that Vuillard carries just what you're after, and offers it at a very affordable price. French products are often well known for their elegance and sophistication and Vuillard pipes are no exception. In the end, whether your pipe is emblazoned with the sleek "V" of Vuillard or scrolling "P" of Peterson will be a personal decision. Explore the feel of both before making your final selection.