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What Is A Vest Tobacco Pipe?

Vest tobacco pipes can often take people back in time to an era when things were much different than they are now. Back many years ago, a smoking jacket was something specifically worn while smoking tobacco. It was a leisurely yet nearly formal piece of attire that was made famous by some of the high class celebrities of the 1970’s. When people put on a smoking jacket and lit a tobacco pipe, they felt relaxed but could fit in with almost any high society gathering.

Smoking Vest

The vest is a garment that has changed over the years and taken on several different forms. Back when smoking jackets were first introduced, every male business or formal suit had a vest included with it. Men would accessorize their vests with watches and other formal implements that added an air of sophistication to the wardrobe.

Vests were considered to be nearly as popular as smoking jackets in the circles of people who enjoyed pipe smoking, but the standard pipe could not fit easily into the smaller vest pockets. To help accommodate people who wore vests but did not want to put their pipe in their jacket pockets, the vest tobacco pipe was born.

What Is A Vest Tobacco PipeVest Pipe

The vest pipe is smaller, in comparison, to the standard pipe designs offered. In order to fit into a vest pocket, these pipes needed to have narrower and more compact bowls than standard pipes. While that made for a strange looking pipe bowl, it did create a surface that allowed for custom carvings and other patterns to be placed on the vest pipes. That is why some of the vest pipes we see today have extremely elaborate designs carved into their sides.

Vest Tobacco Pipe RusticVest Pipe Stem

The stem on vest pipes is significantly smaller than a standard stem. It still has the familiar curves to it, but it is, in some cases, half the size of a standard stem. Another interesting feature of some vest pipes is that the stem can be turned to make the vest pipe even more compact for a vest pocket.

Vest Pipe Consumers

The vest pipe started out as a way to appeal to a class of smokers that wanted to wear their formal attire when smoking, but were not particularly interested in smoking jackets. It is a way for people who still wear three-piece suits to carry a pipe without having to worry about burning the inside lining of their business or formal suit coats. The vest pipes also make for neat little collector’s items for tobacco pipe enthusiasts.

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