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What to look for in a good quality tobacco pipe.

What to look for in a good quality tobacco pipe. 

A quality pipe is a pipe that has good grain, weight, draft hole in proper position, a good quality varnished or non varnished finished, little fills and poorly aligned parts.

A good grain is import for the look of the pipe. The grain will usually not affect the quality tobacco pipesmoking of the tobacco pipe. The tighter the grain, the more expensive the tobacco pipe is. Almost no briar wood is perfect, but only more quality pieces should be used on a good quality tobacco pipe.

Usually, the less weight a pipe weighs, the better the pipe will smoke. What will make a pipe light is size and how much it has been cured. The lighter the pipe the easier it will be to hold in your mouth.

It is important that the draft hole be in the bottom of the bowl almost center (depending on pipe style).  The air hole in the stem should align pretty well with the draft hole.

A good quality varnished or non varnished finish is essential for a good quality pipe. Cheaper varnished pipes sometimes have a tendency to bubble or flake.The bowl should have little fills in the wood. Fills are pits in the briar wood filled with putty. The putty may not age the same as the briar wood and may turn discolored.

All the parts of the pipe, the stem, filter and bowl should align properly. The stem should have a good firm fit with the bowl. The smoke/air holes should be pretty well aligned.

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