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Wood Pipes

Those who are new to tobacco pipe smoking may be a bit bewildered by the sheer variety of materials to choose from for your pipe. You may need to pare down your choices and go with what is easily available, sturdy, and of good quality. One of the most popular options is wood pipes, simply because they are often inexpensive and easy to find. However, these types of pipes can also be very expensive indeed, particularly when buying the pipes that use aged wood. Some of the highest quality pipes use wood that has been aged one hundred years or more, and these pipes have a fantastic draw and a beautiful sheen.

Wood Pipe Types

Depending upon where you go to find your wood pipes, you may be able to choose from cherry, briar, maple, beech, plum, ash, elderberry and many more. Briar is perhaps the most popular type of wooden pipe, as it is not only extremely lovely to look at, but is considered to feature a good smoke temperature. The briar burl is taken from the root of a tree found in the Mediterranean. The craftsmanship of the briar pipe is one of the best, as the wood needs to be aged and cured for a number of years before it can be used for a pipe.

Wood PipesSmoking a Wood Pipe

Despite the types of wood pipes you choose from, you will need to know how to smoke it correctly. Smoking a pipe does take certain techniques and skills that can only be acquired from practice. Typically, you will need to develop a layer of carbon inside the bowl of the pipe, as this will help to improve the draw of the smoke in the pipe. Some pipes may already have the first layer of carbon in place, while others may require you to smoke first in order to create that environment within the bowl of the pipe.

Wood Pipe Practice

Before smoking regularly in your wood pipes, be sure to practice the correct way to light your pipe and to tamp the tobacco in the bowl. You can usually either wing it or do some research online to find the correct techniques for your new hobby. Wooden pipes are a great way to get started, as they are durable, beautiful and very reliable types of pipes. In addition, they are versatile and easy to carry with you, as they are not as fragile as other types of pipes.