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Wooden Pipes

Smoking a pipe is a popular and very enjoyable experience. Many people smoke a pipe simply to relax and reflect on things. Some don't even inhale the smoke but just enjoy taking a few puffs and letting them out. Wooden pipes have been used to smoke tobacco for a long time. Consisting of a mouthpiece, or stem, a bowl that holds the tobacco, and a shank connecting the two, tobacco pipes made with wood are often made from briar. This is a type of wood that is tough, and heat-resistant. Some of the most well known wooden pipe brands are Peterson, Savinelli, Vauen, Stanwell, Dr Grabow and many more!

Seasoning a Wodden Pipe

However, before using wooden pipes, they must be seasoned. Seasoning a woodenWooden Pipe tobacco pipe is absolutely necessary before using the pipe. This will prevent the pipe from becoming dried out, cracking or burning. When a pipe is seasoned, a layer of carbon is produced inside the pipe's bowl. The created layer of carbon is called dottle, and with the formation of this layer the pipe can be used more frequently getting damaged.

The process of seasoning wooden pipes is simple. You will need to make sure you smoke your pipe at most twice a day during the first two weeks that the pipe is being seasoned. Make sure you don't pack the pack tightly. Fill it loosely, and gently push down the tobacco and ensure that the bowel is around one-third or half full during the first few days.

Light the Wooden Pipe

Next, light the pipe quickly, making sure you don't burn the wood of the pipe's bowl. You want to avoid charring the wood as this damages wooden pipes, whereas the black formation that is created within the pipe is just carbon buildup. The carbon layer that is formed inside is the seasoning layer that protects the wood. The flame should be held over the bowl's center to avoid getting the wood burnt.

During this seasoning process, you need to smoke the tobacco gently. Avoid taking large draws from the pipe until it's well seasoned. Taking rich mouthfuls during seasoning can prevent wooden pipes from seasoning properly.  You should then let the pipe to cool between uses. Also empty the pipe right away if it gets hot to hold instead of just warm, because this indicates that the tobacco is burning very hot and the pipe's bowl will be damaged. Be sure to maintain the dottle in the pipe. Keep it at one millimeter thick or below. Clean the bowl with a reamer and get rid of the dottle from the pipe's stem by using a pipe cleaner.