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4th Generation Pipes

4th Generation tobacco pipes are designed to represent the significant historical years in the Stokkebye family history. Erik Stokkebye is the fourth generation tobacconist in his family, whose history in the tobacco world dates back to 1855. 


With that history comes experience, something that allows 4th Generation to excel in the pipe making world while the Stokkebye name still maintains its position as manufacturers of high grade pipe tobacco.


Erik honors that history with the pipes he makes. The years on the pipe signify important milestone years, starting with the 1855 pipe commemorating the birth of his great-grandfather, Erik Peter Stokkebye.


The 1882 pipe is in honor of the year the business opened. Then comes 1897 for the next generation, Erik Paul Stokkebye, the grandfather of the current Stokkeby master craftsman.


1931 is special for Peter Stokkebye, Erik's father and another master tobacconist, while the 1957 tobacco pipe is to commemorate Erik himself. Finally, the 1982 pipe is in honor of the one-hundredth anniversary of the company's founding.


This makes for six different pipe designs, that all comes in three finishes. You can choose from a black sandblast, smooth orange, or natural smooth finish. 


With essentially 18 different tobacco pipes, you will certainly be able to have your choices open to you. Finding what works for you will only be difficult because they are all so great looking.


Pick your favorite, or collect them all, knowing that you are getting a tobacco pipe from one of the most important names in the history of pipe tobacco. When you smoke from a Fourth Generation tobacco pipe, you have the history of those four generations on your side. The Stokkebye family's expertise is knowing what to smoke, how to smoke it, and what to smoke it with. So by taking their advice you are setting yourself up for a great experience.

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  • 4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe - Dark Porter 4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe - Dark Porter Left Side 4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe - Dark Porter Right Side 4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe - Dark Porter Top 4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe - Dark Porter Bottom

    4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe - Dark Porter

    4th Generation's 1855 model tobacco pipe is the largest and most cavernous bowl made by the Denmark based company. This bent brandy should be your first choice if you love sitting back and puffing on your favorite tobacco for at least 20 minutes. A...

    MSRP: $206.00
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