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The Stokkebye family is one of the most well respected in the world. The latest of the family, Erik Michael, has launched his own line of pipes and pipe tobacco, which he called 4th Generation. With the more than 100 years of experience that is available to Erik, he has created excellent tobacco and high quality pipes that everyone can enjoy.


One great thing about the Stokkebye family is how they are willing to show their experience and share it with everyone. While collaborating with Nording Pipes, the 4th Generation Starter Set is an excellent introduction to their tobacco while also giving you a unique smoking pipe that will serve as a great beginner's pipe.


Not only will you be getting a tobacco pipe, but there is also a tin of the 4th Generation 1957 Blend inside the box, as well as a pack of 100 pipe cleaners and a pipe tamper to set you up to enjoy your new pipe right away.


The 4th Generation Starter Kit comes in a useful box, not just one for holding everything inside. On the back of the box, you will see a description of the items, as well as a five step set of instructions that will explain how to smoke a tobacco pipe, the perfect way to help introduce beginners to our hobby.


This is the perfect gift for beginners, an affordable set that gets a newcomer a pipe, tobacco, instructions, and almost everything needed to get adjusted into the world of smoking pipes. It is also excellent for yourself, especially if you are in the market for a new tobacco pipe and interested in trying out a new blend. Make sure you have a great experience with tobacco made from a legendary family while appreciating it in an exciting new smoking pipe.

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