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Arango is one of the finest aromatic cigars around. The Arango Cigar Company has been a successful business for more than 86 years, and its reputation as being a knowledgeable and innovative company proceeds them.


Sporting a stylish and classic aesthetic, Arango offers high-quality machine-made cigars with Ecuadorian wrappers, standard sheet binder, and a fine filler of Dominican and Honduran tobacco with just a slight hint of vanilla. The vanilla will not overwhelm the tobacco, but instead, it will be enough to be a great addition without taking charge.


Since the cigars are machine-made, you will find a great consistency, with each cigar providing a pleasant experience. That consistency will go a long way in helping you get started in your cigar smoking experiences since it will help you get used to what a quality cigar should be and how to fully appreciate them.


When you light up an Arango cigar, you will get a smooth smoke. With the right cut, you will get a comfortable draw, and the white ash is another sign that your cigar is made with care and from the best ingredients.


We offer eight different Arango cigar options for you to try out. You can pick up the Sportsman Maduros or the Sportsman Naturals, as well as the celebratory "It's a Boy" and "It's a Girl" cigars. Each cigar comes with three amounts to select from, either an individual cigar, a few of them, or an entire box worth. 


If you are just trying out the cigar for the first time, getting one might be the way to go. Discover if you like it before getting more to keep in your humidor.


Give yourself a present and try out the superb construction of this mild blend in Toro, Lonsdale, and Panetela sizes.

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8 of 8 Items