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When it comes to unique and exceptional looks, the Ardor Meteora tobacco pipes stand alone. With smoothed out sections among the rough finish, these pipes look like buildings carved out of a rough stone wall. Every time you look at an Ardor Meteora, you will notice something new. There is plenty of detail to appreciate when you get an Ardor Meteora, and the craftsmanship is thanks to the Ardor experience, which has more than 100 years to fall back on.


The Meteora finish is hand-carved and perfectly proportioned. Master carvers, Dorelio and Damiano Rovera display their skill with briar with these larger-than-average pipes. The Ardor Meteora line comes in many shapes and colors, and you can select something you love from our selection below.


Properly maintained, the tobacco pipes will last for generations. Make sure you have an heirloom piece to pass down, something that will be enjoyed and appreciated for as long as Ardor has been around and more.


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