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The eponymous Arturo Fuente cigar brand was established in West Tampa, Florida in 1912. It was a simple operation, Fuente began rolling and blending his own cigars at home with the help of his wife and two sons. That was four generations ago for this family business. Today, it is Carlito Fuente, Arturo’s great-grandson, who is running the show and maintaining the same passion and attention to quality, premium cigars. 

 Arturo Fuente Cigars

As a result of the Spanish-American War, Arturo came to the United States from Güines, Cuba in 1902. He started his business guided by a passion for cigars, and by the 1920s, that humble operation had grown into a successful brand, employing hundreds. Sadly however, a fire wrought tragedy for Arturo Fuente Cigars in 1924, and the operation would be out of production until 1946. The brand chugged along modestly until 1960 when the US embargo of Cuba created a gap in the market to be filled by great blends. 


But that isn’t to say this was a chance stroke of luck handed on a silver platter. The embargo created its own complications for the cigar makers outside of Cuba, as most tobacco used in cigars was Cuban grown. Not only did the embargo mean new sources needed to be secured, but creative and astute blending needed to be employed to satisfy the tastes of a cigar smoking population long acclimated to the Cuban tobacco. 


By this time, Arturo’s son Carlos Fuente, SR. was running the business which was now starting to find some footing in the market. Steadily, slowly, surely—Arturo Fuente Cigars were on the path to their inevitable status as a world renowned, hand-rolled premium cigar brand. But the path there was filled with obstacles. Rising labor costs saw a saga of attempts to establish production elsewhere. After a series of fall-throughs, the Fuentes secured a new life in the Dominican Republic, and in 1980, they opened their factory in the province of Santiago. 


To this day, Arturo Fuente Cigars are manufacturing a diverse portfolio of award winning favorite cigars for enthusiasts around the world. Browse our selection of premium cigars, there’s bound to be an Arturo Fuente that is just right for you.