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Are you a beginner to the world of tobacco pipes? Get started with our wide selection of smoking pipe sets, everything a newcomer needs. 

Are you not a beginner? Maybe you are getting someone a gift? You can find a pipe set from many different brands, so you should be able to find something for everyone.

Our tobacco pipe sets allow you to explore pipes made of different materials, some you might not have tried before. Have you always smoked from a corncob pipe? Try The French Pipe’s briar smoking pipes. Or maybe you have only smoked with a briar pipe. This would be the perfect way to introduce yourself to a corn cob tobacco pipe with one of the Missouri Meerschaum pipe sets.

These tobacco pipe sets are great gifts for someone that is a tobacco enthusiast. You can introduce them to the smoking pipe world, or you can bring them into the fold of a manufacturer you love. Widening their horizons and allowing them to discover a new, great company.

Want to try a different brand? The best way to get an idea about them would be to buy their set.

With a tobacco pipe set, you will be getting what the manufacturer believes you will need to get started the right way. After all, a manufacturer will know the most about their smoking pipes, so what you get from them will be very helpful in making sure you maximize your experience. 

So not only are you getting, or gifting, a brand new smoking pipe, you are also getting supplies that you would otherwise need to purchase separately. This allows you to have the affordable options that you might not otherwise have, considering the combination, versus buying all the pieces individually.

Don't forget to head over to our pipe tobacco and pick a few out for your new pipe!

24 of 42 Items
24 of 42 Items