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BenShot Broadhead Rocks Glass 11 oz

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If you are aiming to have a high quality rocks glass that will double as a conversation starter, the BenShot Broadhead rocks glass can’t miss. Handmade in the United States, the eleven ounce glass has a broadhead arrow head embedded into the side. The same style of arrow head is generally used for hunting, and with this glass you will have bagged yourself an incredibly versatile beauty.

We need to be real here, gentlemen. Sometimes when we go out hunting, we won’t get lucky and have to go home empty handed. That’s just a fact of life, you will not always be able to leave with a successful hunt. The good news is we still get to be out in nature with friends and family where we spend time enjoying each other’s company and can share great stories later. Those stories are best told while accompanied by a good drink in an extraordinary glass. 

Made by BenShot, the glass is manufactured in Wisconsin, in a former Thomas Edison furniture factory that had been abandoned. The company was able to purchase the factory, restore and renovate it, and has turned it into a fine glassware factory. BenShot routinely looks to hire veterans, and has transformed from a father and son passion project into a highly popular and often imitated but never duplicated family business.

The Broadhead rocks glass is the perfect gift for any hunters in your life. What better way to regale friends and family with amazing hunting stories than with a glass that can help bring those stories to mind? Complete the collection with the Broadhead pint glass and wine glass to have a lineup of excellent looking glasses.

Considering their handmade and special nature, we want you to remember to only hand wash these magnificent glasses.

How about drinking whiskey after a good hunt in this BenShot rocks glass?

Brand: BenShot

Style: Rocks Glass

Model: Broadhead

Size: 11 oz.

Country: USA

Package: Box

Material: Glass, Steel

Weight: 12.0 oz. / 339 g.





Rocks Glass
Overall Weight:
12 oz.