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​ 7 Types of Tobacco Blends That You Should Try

​ 7 Types of Tobacco Blends That You Should Try

Posted by Jack Rather on 1st Sep 2017

More and more people are discovering the wonderful world of tobacco blend types. If you've never tried them, then you'll want to start catching up on this delight as soon as possible. With so many different blends, it can be a bit intimidating deciding which ones to try.

Are you wondering which ones are worth your hard-earned money? Keep reading to learn all about the 7 types of tobacco blends that you should try.

1. Peterson's Early Morning Pipe Tobacco

Peterson Early Morning Pipe

When it comes to types of tobacco blends, you won't want to miss out on Early Morning pipe tobacco by Peterson. Lots of folks can't start the day without a cup of coffee. If you count yourself among them, then you can start holding your cup of joe in one hand and your Early Morning pipe tobacco in another.

This blend is comprised of three tobacco types, including Latakia, Virginia, and Oriental, making Early Morning Pipe a quintessential English blend. 

Pressed and stoved, you'll be able to pick up on an amazing mixture of flavors that range from tangy and smoky to sweet and almost nutty. None of the flavors are overwhelming on their own but their combination is enough to get you feeling prepared to conquer the rest of the day.

Since the blend has a ribbon cut, you'll find it quite easy to pack in your pipe. You may end up loving this blend so much that you won't even need a cup of coffee in the morning.

2. Peterson's Nightcap Pipe Tobacco

Peterson Nightcap

Are you still asking yourself, "which tobacco blends should I smoke?" Another classic English from Peterson, Nightcap is Early's Morning's stronger counterpart for winding down the evening. 

Just as many people enjoy waking up with coffee, it's also a time-honored habit to go to bed with a nightcap. This can be in the form of a little alcohol or hot beverage that warms the heart and calms the nerves. Nothing replicates the experience of a nightcap quite like Peterson's amazing blend.

Nightcap is a bit stronger than Early Morning, so it might not be for beginners, but it's certainly a blend that every pipe smoker should try at some point. 

Despite the heavy fullness of the flavor, it can work wonders for calming you down for a long night's sleep. Who needs aromatherapy when you have something as blissful as Peterson's Nightcap pipe tobacco to tuck you in?

3. Cult's Blood Red Moon Pipe Tobacco

Cult Blood Red Moon

One of the best tobacco blends is Blood Red Moon pipe tobacco by Cult. Despite its name, it's something you can enjoy not just on Halloween but any other day of the year. Blood Red Moon contains Virginia, Cavendish and Burley tobacco with a cherry and chocolate top flavoring to give an aroma that could keep an entire room of people satisfied.

After all, who doesn't love the rich smell and flavor of dark chocolate and cherries? Simply put, this combination is the essence of decadence. Despite the boldness of the flavors, you can delight in the fact that there is little to no bite when smoking this blend.

As you enjoy this blend, there's a good chance that you'll detect a toastiness intermingled with the sweetness of the main flavors. This dynamic can make all the difference between an average smoking experience and an amazing one. Some people who have enjoyed the thick smoke of this blend say that it pairs well with the silky smoothness of the taste.

Considering the flavors, it could end up being the perfect blend to light up as a dessert after a banquet-sized meal. Best of all, it has a clean burn that keeps the bottom of your pipe cleaner than other blends.

4. Bold Kentucky Hot Pressed Pipe Tobacco

Mac Baren Bold Kentucky Hot Pressed

Bare in mind, this is an especially strong blend. Mac Baren's HH Bold Kentucky pipe tobacco is for those who want more punch out of their smoking sessions. Instead of subtle flavor and tame smoke, this blend of Virginia and Dark Fired Kentucky will put hair on your chin all over again.

The flavor itself is a wonderful balancing act between sweet and savory. Most smokers will notice that there is a distinct barbeque taste to this blend. Aside from the nostalgia of barbeques, you might also be reminded of a luxurious fireplace in a room full of leather-bound books.

5. Plum Pudding Pipe Tobacco

Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding

Few tobacco blends are as popular as Plum Pudding pipe tobacco from the Seattle Pipe Club.

It's easy to assume this might be an Aromatic blend from the name, but no plum here. Which is actually consistent with the namesake dessert, which doesn't usually contain plums. 

The tobacco is a favorite Balkan blends which hosts Black Cavendish, Cavendish, Latakia, Orientals, Perique, and Virginias for a dynamically complex and satisfying smoke. Once you light up, allow the smoke to unfold the flavors with each puff. You're sure to pick up on a sweet note, a spicey one, as well as a few other subtle complexities.

6. Artisan's Blend Pipe Tobacco

Ashton Artisan's Blend

The Artisan's blend from Ashton is something that veteran smokers come back to time and again. This is for Latakia tobacco fanatics, in particular.

However, there's more to this blend than just Cyprian Latakia. You'll also find Turkish tobacco, Virginia, and Perique. Packaged with a ribbon cut, it's one of the quickest things to pack into your pipe and smoke.

One surprise you'll find in this blend is the spiciness. Don't worry, though, because it's not overpowering. Once you put this in your pipe, you'll know that it definitely belongs within the family of English blends.

7. Bourbon Whiskey Pipe Tobacco

Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey

Any fan of bourbon will want to have some of Borkum Riff's Bourbon Whiskey pipe tobacco on hand at all times. Smoking the blend will give you the sense that you've put a little of the good stuff from a bottle into your pipe.

Aside from the bold flavor, there's a pleasant note to the smoke that can leave a room smelling great. 

While you might think pairing it with actual bourbon whiskey would be too much, many people say that it's a combination to die for. Just don't forget to stock up on enough for your pipe-loving friends and family members.

Ready to Try the Best Types of Tobacco Blends?

Now that you've learned all about the best 7 types of tobacco blends, you can have an awesome time trying them all. Don't forget to invite a few of your friends over so you can get their opinion. Once you find your absolute favorites, you'll have something to savor for years to come.

Not only can we provide you with a wide range of delicious and delightful blends but we also have the perfect pipes and cigars for you to light up with. After all, the best pipes are those that can heighten your smoking experience.

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