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10 Tobacco Pipes For All Budgets for 2021

10 Tobacco Pipes For All Budgets for 2021

Posted by Matthew Vandenburgh on 3rd Mar 2021

10 Tobacco Pipes For All Budgets for 2021

Smoking with a tobacco pipe can be an expensive hobby. There are so many different pipes, and some of them can get very pricy. For those of us that want to enjoy the hobby of pipe smoking but feel hamstrung by budgetary concerns, fear not! There are always plenty of options available to you that will fit into your budget. With a little care and saving, having a nice pipe is possible for everyone. If you're a beginner, here is a great pipe beginners guide to help get you started.

For the year of 2021, we offer you these ten options to fill with your favorite pipe tobacco. They are all reasonably affordable, with the added benefit of each of them being great looking pipes. Meanwhile, they all offer some unique features that allow you to be the proud owner of a brand new tobacco pipe, which will either be the start of your collection or an excellent addition to it. None of these smoking pipes cost more than $140, so with a little bit of saving, any of these pipes can be yours. Here you can learn more about factory vs. artisan tobacco pipes.  This is not a ranking of the smoking pipes; we are listing them in alphabetical order to make it easier to follow.


Altinay Meerschaum Tobacco Pipe

We start our list with this unique meerschaum tobacco pipe from Altinay. All pipes made out of meerschaum are hand carved, meaning every single one is a one-of-a-kind tobacco pipe. Because they are all unique, these pipes tend to be a little more expensive than the rest. This one does not reach the pricy heights of some of the other meerschaum pipes, costing only $132. That does, however, mean that this is one of only two tobacco pipes on this list that cost more than $100 and is the second most expensive pipe here.

For that price, you are getting a beautiful, hand carved tobacco pipe. The apple-shaped bowl is carved to look like a basket, with corded rope up the sides as support. A truly magnificent piece, this will easily be a pipe that stands out in your collection, especially as you use it more often and it gains some of the color that meerschaum pipes are known for and why they are sought out. If you are looking for a unique tobacco pipe, this is the one to get. If you want a meerschaum pipe, but this one is not what you might be looking for, Altinay offers plenty of options for you to look through.


Brigham Santinated Tobacco Pipe

A great tobacco pipe to have, the Brigham Santinated smoking pipe is another excellent looking selection from Brigham Pipes. This sandblasted option offers a rough look and texture, allowing you to appreciate the feel of the smoking pipe. This pipe has a dark brown stummel made of quality briar, along with a curved acrylic stem, all at a very reasonable $49.99.

Once you have this in your hand, it will be hard to stop looking at the pits and grooves the sandblasting provides. It really shows off the grain of the wood, keeping you practically entranced.

Since Brigham is a Canadian company, you are getting a unique take on tobacco pipes, where the style is based on the traditional shapes that Herb Brigham learned in Europe, but with a brilliant North American twist.

This is a filtered tobacco pipe and not the only one on this list. Having a filter in your pipe is a personal preference, and there is some debate about which is better, filtered or unfiltered. Whatever you enjoy is the best thing to do, though.

Brigham has a massive supply of tobacco pipes, so even if this one is not your cup of tea, you should easily be able to find something that gets your attention.

Dr. Grabow

Dr. Grabow Omega Rustic Tobacco Pipe

The Dr. Grabow Omega Rustic Tobacco Pipe is a great look for an even better price. Dr. Grabow offers you a quality pipe at a reasonable value.

The Dr. Grabow tobacco pipes have been made in the United States since the 1930s, and they have stayed an All-American institution since. You always know what you are going to get with them, as they are a consistent product, with consistently high standards for their tobacco pipes.

The grooves provided by the rustic look give you another tobacco pipe with a great texture. This texture is a great way to get a feel for the wood, and it provides a nice appearance, something you can display whenever you are not using it.

More than just looks, it will feel good too. Held in your teeth, in your hand; however you hold it, it will be comfortable. There are plenty of options with Dr. Grabow smoking pipes, so don't worry about not enjoying the look of this one; there will be other pipes you might get instead, all at the reasonable price this one holds too.

Mastro De Paja

Mastro De Paja Eleganza Tobacco Pipe

From Mastro De Paja comes this Sandblasted tobacco pipe that fits the Eleganza name. The egg-shaped bowl highlights the grain excellently, with the dark, almost black finish hiding subtle hints of red that will pop out as you look at it from different angles. The aluminum band that connects the stem and the stummel shines, and the acrylic stem rests comfortably in your mouth.

You will find few pipes that look this good at such an affordable price. The briar that the craftsmen at Mastro De Paja use go through a rigorous selection process to make sure that only the very best briar is selected. Even then, if the pipe does not meet their standards, it does not see the light of day.

This can be a wonderful start to an Italian collection or just a lovely gift for someone that appreciates smoking pipes from Italy. There are plenty more Mastro De Paja tobacco pipes available if you want to look through them, so if you don't like the aesthetics of this one, there will be another one you do prefer.


Peterson Aran Tobacco Pipe

A classic brand in the tobacco pipe world, Peterson pipes have a history of quality for a reasonable price. While some Petersons can be very expensive collectors' pieces, this Aran 306 Bandless tobacco pipe chimes in at only $80. For that $80, you are getting a pipe that is steeped in the Peterson tradition while also holding a comfortable piece of briar in your hand.

Not only will it rest well in your hand, but it can also rest on its own. As a sitter, you can leave this pipe lit and sitting down without fear that it will tip over. This makes the pipe incredibly convenient for those smokers who step away from their pipes for a time, only to come back to them later.

Now that we have the function out of the way, how is the fashion? Well, this pipe is very pretty. The rusticated look gives the briar a craggy look and feel. The dark brown finish allows the lighter natural tannish brown to peek through at the tips of some of the crags, leading to an interesting peaks and valleys appearance to an already solid looking tobacco pipe.

Paired with the vulcanite stem with a gold-painted P, and you have an excellent introduction to the Peterson brand. If you want more Peterson pipes, we have plenty. After all, it is rather difficult to only have one of these great pipes.


Radiator Black Sandblasted Bowl

Do you like to mix and match? If so, Radiator pipes might be the ones for you. You can pick up bowls and pipe frames separately, allowing you to change the design of your smoking pipe any time you want.

That said, this does mean purchasing two items to make one, but the pricing is fairly reasonable. This black, sandblasted bowl only costs $60, while this black, curved pipe frame comes in at $80.

Radiator Black Curved Pipe Frame

The pipe frame is designed with a base that allows moisture to collect, leaving your smoke cooler and drier, which improves your overall smoking experience. Meanwhile, the briar bowls come in traditional shapes and are easy to connect to the frame for a convenient travel pipe.

The $140 total is the most expensive on this list, but since you can mix and match and no bowl costs more than $75, while frames max out in price at $95, so no one piece will really break the bank. This is one of those things where if you pace yourself, you will have a wonderful and interchangeable collection in no time. Feel free to check out the entire Radiator Pipes collection that we have to offer.


Rattray's The Good Deal Tobacco Pipe

Rattray's The Good Deal tobacco pipe is true to its name. At $39.99, this is the second most affordable pipe on the list, but the quality of the pipe suggests it should be much more expensive.

The rustic finish of the stummel is separated from the acrylic stem by an aluminum band, creating an excellent color contrast. The rustic finish works wonders on the briar, with the deep, dark black finish impressively complimenting the rich brown, almost mahogany color.

With the Rattray's history, they have a vast number of tobacco pipes that will look amazing and be great collection pieces. Let this Good Deal tobacco pipe be the first in yours.


Savinelli Mini Tobacco Pipe

Savinelli's history of excellence shines through each and every tobacco pipe they make. The Italian tobacco pipe giants make sure their entire collection is up to their lofty standards, from their $1000 pipes to this $80 option.

This Savinelli Mini is a rustic smoking pipe with a rugged, black finish. This makes for an awesome texture, meaning this feels nice in your hand. A unique feature is the blue acrylic stem for this pipe. Acrylic can come in any color, but you will traditionally see black stems for pipes. The blue stands out and will look great in a pipe stand, resting comfortably in your collection.

One added benefit to the Savinelli Mini is its petite size. At barely over 4 inches in length and not much more than 1 ounce in weight, this is a prime candidate for your traveling tobacco pipe. Having a pipe that you can easily grab and use on the road is something every pipe smoker should do, if only to have something convenient at hand.

As we said earlier, Savinelli has an extensive collection of tobacco pipes, which is thanks to their storied history. There are plenty of options available, and when the time comes that you ever choose to splurge on an expensive tobacco pipe, they are a good option to browse.

The French Pipe

The French Pipe Number 13

The French Pipe is a newer line from Chacom, created by managing director Antoine Grenard.

Chacom is one of the oldest tobacco pipe companies in the world, and their history allows them to come up with creative designs and imaginative callbacks, which is what they did with the French Pipe line.

This pipe, design number 13, is a sandblasted panel shape. You will enjoy the sandblasted finish, as it does well to show off the briar's grain, which can be a great look and feel for you.

The hexagonal-shaped bowl is a close cousin of the Billiard bowl, but instead of the Billiard pipes' traditional rounded shape, you have six flat sides. The blue and white stripes at the end of the acrylic stem add a good mark between the bowl and the stem.

This pipe costs $47.99, one of the four pipes on this list that are less than $50. A great benefit of picking up this, or any tobacco pipe from the French Pipe collection, is the stuff that comes with it. The equipment you get is a great start in helping you enjoy the tobacco pipe hobby.

Tom Eltang

Tom Eltang's Magic Tobacco Pipe

With over 40 years of experience in making tobacco pipes, Tom Eltang has become a very popular Danish pipe making master. This pipe, part of his Magic line, is another that lives up to the name. Eltang created magic with this uniquely colored pipe and stem.

The carbon fiber stem is a creative take on stems, something that is different than traditional stems for briar tobacco pipes. While most pipes have acrylic or vulcanite stems, the muted gray carbon fiber acts as an accentuator to the swirling green on the bowl.

That swirling green is a combination of the finish style and the grain of the briar. Equal parts bright, vibrant green and deep, rich forest green, you can become entranced by the wispy smoky style.

At $72, this is an affordable pipe to have if you want a unique looking option. Tom Eltang Pipes all have memorable appearances, so you can find something that would grab your attention easily.

So there are the ten tobacco pipes we suggest for you to enjoy on a budget. Remember, tobacco and tobacco pipes are a matter of taste and personal preference. What others like does not have to fit with what you enjoy. If you are looking for something else, there are plenty of pipe options available or cigars to smoke. If you like what you see, feel free to pick it up today.