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Gift for Pipe Smokers #5: Accessories

Gift for Pipe Smokers #5: Accessories

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 10th Dec 2014

The fifth and final in our series of Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers explores gift ideas for a collector who already has a number of smoking pipes or is just really specific about the pipes he buys. For help with gift sets and stocking stuffers check out the earlier posts in this series.

Is his tobacco pipe collection already scattered all over the guest room?

Or maybe she is incredibly particular about choosing each new acquisition on her own.

Whatever the reason, sometimes the idea of picking out the perfect briar pipe gift can seem pretty daunting. Don’t worry! We have you covered for 2014! With gift ideas for pipe smokers that are unique, pipe-related and sure to make him excited on Christmas morning.

For the smoking room

Ashtray and stand - $82

Peterson Green Ashtray

For a Peterson Pipes collector a Peterson-Green ashtray is hard to beat, but we’ve found a way. Add this attractive black pedestal stand to it and he’ll be able to keep his pipe close to his favorite chair without taking up precious space on the end table. The two pieces come in together at well under $100, making this pair an affordable gift that will look good almost anywhere.

Nealy Yarm Pipe Stands

Neal Yarm Pipe Stands - $60-$90

If he loves handmade pipes then this is the perfect gift!

Each Neal Yarm pipe stand is made by hand in Yarm’s small studio. That means, for less than $100 you can have a handmade piece of craftsmanship. Not to mention, how elegant his pipe collection will look when it’s properly displayed (instead of laying around the house in various places).

Coffee Table Books - $55-$68

Pipe Books

For the pipe collector who has everything, a gorgeous coffee table-style book could be just the gift he didn’t know he’s always been waiting for. Two of our favorites are:

  • History of the Calabash Pipe- The Calabash shape, although not one of the most popular among smokers today, is one of the most iconic. If you’re gifting an aficionado, he’ll love all of the interesting facts in this giant tome to the iconic shape.
  • Scandinavian Pipemakers- If you’re favorite pipe smoker is a fan of Winslow or Nording pipes, you’re going to love this book! The history of many of the best known and most beloved artisan craftsmen is contained in this beautiful, extra-large book.

Pipe Lighters

Think of a lighter as his jewelry--an often intricate example of his style.

A dedicated pipe lighter is a must for a pipe guy. Matches go out quickly. Lighters meant for cigars and cigarettes burn too hot and can damage the tobacco. Choose one of these gorgeous choices below and teach him what you already know, that the best gifts often come in the smallest of packages.

Sillem's Linea Epoque Puro Lighter

Sillem’s Epoque Puro - $527

The Sillem’s brand has been synonymous with exceptional metal craft dating back to the 16th century. It’s easy to see why when you look at this beautiful and functional lighter. The sterling silver case will feel like holding a precious stone each time he uses it to light a bowl.

Sillem’s Old Boy - $294

Sillem's Old Boy

The Old Boy is the lighter most coveted by pipe collectors the world over. It’s made with the mechanism of pipe royalty and cased in sterling silver by Sillem’s which is enameled by hand in Germany, with painstaking detail.

Kiribi Kabuto - $68-80

Kirbi Lighters

Consider the Kabuto lighters the sleek and stylish work-day suit of the lighter world. These lighters combine the innovative craftsmanship the Japanese are known for with the timeless simplicity of the culture. An affordable and exceptional addition to any pipe smoker’s daily routine.

Still having a difficult time choosing just the right gift? Let the pipe guy or gal in your life choose their own perfect gift with a gift certificate from