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Gifts for Pipe Smokers #2: Peterson

Gifts for Pipe Smokers #2: Peterson

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 16th Oct 2014

In this second part of our gift ideas for pipe smokers we’re exploring gifts for Peterson pipes fans. Last week we looked at Savinelli gift ideas, and next week we’ll look at Vauen. Stay tuned for the next few weeks and you’ll be stocked up with an arsenal of ideas for the 2014 holiday season.Feel free to print these and leave them “accidentally” on the dining room table.

Make like Sherlock Holmes

To make sure you’re choosing the right gift for the tobacco pipe fan in your life, you’ll need to put on your detective hat and take a look at his existing collection. Most smokers have go-to favorites already. Ask yourself these three questions to help narrow down the selection:

Does her pipe jut out from her face or hang from her jaw?

Answering this question will help you determine she prefers straight or bent stems. This isn’t absolute, as many smokers have both in their collections. But take a moment to think about which type you see more often.

Is it more likely to be in hand or in the mouth?

Jaw clenchers tend to prefer a lighter pipe, smaller and easier to hold between the teeth. Conversely, fans of heavier pipes tend to hold them in hand and only bring the pipe to their lips to take a quick puff or two.

What letter or shape is on the stem of the pipe?

If he’s a Peterson man, you’ll almost certainly find a “P” on at least two or three of his pipes. In addition, many series have the brand and series name imprinted on the ring or the base of the bowl.

Buying for a new pipe fan

If your favorite new smoker has been eyeing his very own Peterson pipe, we recommend starting with the Aran series. Affordable, stylish and quintessentially Irish, there is a reason why these are some of our most popular tobacco pipes.

The Petersan Aran Starter Set ($139) combines our most popular Aran shape with a pouch and the company’s popular 2014 Special Reserve pipe tobacco.

Sleek, Sexy, Summertime

The holiday season may fall in chilly months, but there’s no reason your favorite pipe smoking woman (or man) shouldn’t be able to channel a little sunshine. A long-stemmed Churchwarden pipe is perfect for smoking European style Aromatics, the slower and cooler smoke will make the subtle sweetness of a restrained blend stand out in a big way.

The Peterson Churchwarden Gift Set ($175) pairs the sleek Ebony Prince pipe with a stylish set of multi-color novelty cleaners and the Peterson Summertime 2014 limited edition pipe tobacco. This tobacco has a pleasant berry quality, ever-so-subtle and delicious, it’s perfect in this pipe.

The Thinking Man’s Choice

The Peterson Pipe Lovers Gift Set - $155 is a collector’s holiday wish come true.Since the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, made them famous, we’ve been told that “A thinking man smokes a Peterson pipe.” We think the pairing of a Kinsale extra large sitter and 3 P’s tobacco is a perfect example to why this phrase has stood the test of time.

Peterson Pipe Lovers Gift Set

If you find yourself still in need of help coming up with gift ideas for pipe smokers, come back next week and we’ll give you a few more ideas. Happy gift shopping folks!