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Gifts for pipe smokers #3: Vauen Pipes

Gifts for pipe smokers #3: Vauen Pipes

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 29th Oct 2014

For the third installment of ‘Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers’ we explore gifts for Vauen fans. To find more gift possibilities visit the first post in this series on Savinelli gifts and the second on Peterson Pipes gift sets for the 2014 holiday season. Come back next week for a look at some of our favorite tobacco pipes accessories for the giving season.

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at the two largest and most traditional makers of smoking pipes, Savinelli of Italy and Peterson pipes of Ireland. Perhaps the most unique of the large European brands, Vauen of Germany is another common favorite manufacturer among tobacco pipe collectors.

Vauen pipes are much more popular in Europe than in the United States. This is partially due to the use of a charcoal filter system and partially due to the uniqueness in many of the German company’s designs. With the exception of the Vauen Basic pipes, the majority of the company’s products feature unique designs and/or finishes that easily distinguish them from nearly all other factory-made briar pipes.

Vauen Dr. Perl Filters

One of the reason’s for the popularity of Vauen pipes are the Dr. Perl charcoal filters. These 9mm activated carbon filters are popular all over Europe, but particularly in Germany. In fact, nearly 90% of German smokers use a tobacco pipe that takes a filter like this.

Vauen Gift Sets

We’ve put together three gift sets for the 2014 Christmas season for Vauen fans. No matter what level of collector your loved one is, one of these sets would be a memorable choice. Particularly the churchwarden sets, which are likely to be unique for almost any collector.

A basic gift idea - $89

The Vauen Basic Gift Set is a classic choice for a new smoker or a fan of very traditional shapes. This affordable gift set includes a the Basic 3500-1 which is a smooth finished-bent looker. Add to that a handsome case and a tin of Consummate Gentleman, a mild English pipe tobacco. A gift fit for any gentlemanly fellow looking to begin smoking a briar pipe this winter.

Interchangeable Churchwarden Gift Set - $209

The Vauen Nobile Gift Set includes one of our most popular German pipes, the Nobile 277. This bent apple comes with both a churchwarden stem and a traditional bent mouthpiece, allowing the smoker a choice each time he smokes. In addition, the set includes a long-stem appropriate package of colorful pipe cleaners and a tin of one of our favorite pipe tobaccos, Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning.

A Middle Earth Celebration Set - $259

The final film story for J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic tale comes out this Christmas so we couldn’t help creating a gift set honoring the Hobbits of Middle Earth. The Vauen Friddo is a popular churchwarden pipe for two reasons. First, it has an extra-long stem and good-sized bowl. Second, the rustication and stain are unique and interesting--specifically designed to honor the Peter Jackson version of Frodo Baggins. We’ve added a rustic suede and leather tobacco pouch, fit for tying to the waist and a tin of dark and smoky Maltese Falcon pipe tobacco to give you that pleasing dark smoke.

Gift ideas for every smoker

Whether hobbit or human, a Vauen Gift Set will make for a memorable Christmas morning this year!

If you have something else on your wish list, we would love to know what it is! Share your wishes in the comments below!