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Gifts for pipe smokers #4: Under $25

Gifts for pipe smokers #4: Under $25

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 25th Nov 2014

The fourth in our series on Gift Ideas for Pipe Smokers brings us to my favorite type of holiday gift--the stocking stuffer. For help with more substantial gifts, visit one of the first three posts in this series. We’ve broken down the best gifts for Vauen fans, ideas for the perfect Peterson pipes gift and a list of finds for an Italian surprise for a Savinelli collector. Check back next week for the final installment in this series.

When the stockings are all hung by the chimney with care, will you have the right thing to stuff them with, so St. Nicholas can take the night off?

We have a few gift ideas for pipe smokers that won’t break the bank, will fit in a stocking and are unique and/or practical enough to make even the most cynical piper’s eyes light up on Christmas morning.

Something he doesn’t have

These gifts are both unique and practical. Choose one or a few to fill his stocking and he’s likely to forget about what’s under the tree entirely.

Ruf Works Tampers

Ruff Works Tampers

A retired Airman, Rik Ruff took up pipe smoking as a hobby after becoming a civilian contractor. He quickly realized that 

his sketches and a deer antler or two could be shaped into a fine tamper. His work is constantly evolving, we never can tell what the next design will be.

Handcrafted, with each one being unique and memorable, Ruff Works Tampers are a rare chance to own a miniature art piece for less than $20. Forget the candy canes sticking out from the end of the stocking, your favorite pipe smoker will love a Rik Ruff designed tamper.

Savinelli Magic Cloth

Does his pipe collection need a little bit of cleaning up? Try the Savinelli Magic Cloth. Just the right size to slip 

Savinelli Magic Cloth

into a stocking or wrap up for a small gift as is, this new product from Savinelli will come in handy on a daily basis.

One side of the cloth is beige and has Carnauba wax on it, for buffing the pipe. The other side is blue and has a silicon coating to help add shine. With over 1,000 uses in each cloth, it’s a perfect way to help him keep his favorite pipes in like-new condition.

Kill Shot Tampers

Kill Shot Tampers

Another American hobby carver, Kill Shot Tampers are all handmade in the United States and feature a bullet casing at the end. A unique gift for a hunter or gun collector, these tampers are a fun piece of Americana and affordable too!

Something he always needs

These basic tools for smoking pipes are always in too short supply and always needed. 

Stuff one or a few in his Christmas stocking. It will take up plenty of space with change you could find in your sofa cushions.

BJ Long Novelty Pipe CleanersBJ Long Novelty Pipe Cleaners

For a regular smoker pipe cleaners are as necessary as our daily deodorant. These multi-colored pipe cleaners from BJ Long are as attractive as they are functional. Available in both long and short, these are the $2 must-have for any pipe man’s Christmas stocking.

John Aylesbury 3 in 1 Tool

John Aylesbury 3 in 1 Tool

There are a number of different finishes on the John Aylesbury 3 in 1 Tools but we like the shell-colored finish pictured here most of all. Give her a stylish upgrade to the basic tool with this attractive and affordable piece.

These 3 in 1 tools are so attractive, they would be equally at home in a small gift box as a gift for a pipe smoking boss.

Gold Colored Pipe Stand

If he doesn’t have a dedicated corner for storing his tobacco pipes 

Gold Pipe Stand

these simple gold stands from Savinelli are perfect for displaying a single pipe on a bookshelf or an end table. 

Special pipe tobaccos

When you’re unsure about what to buy the pipe guy or gal in your life try one of these very special pipe tobaccos is a perfect addition to any gift or stocking. The

Peterson Special Reserve

Peterson Special Reserve 2014

A mild and warm tobacco from the legendary Irish brand, the Peterson Special Reserve 2014 is a limited edition tobacco in a handsome tin that any Aromatic fan is sure to enjoy. Presented in an attractive and highly collectable tin, it’s a perfect under $20 gift for any Peterson fan.

Tabac Manil La Brumeuse

Tabac Manil

Any fan of small pipe makers is sure to enjoy a pipe tobacco made in a similar way. La Brumeuse Pipe Tobacco is made by one farmer, from seed to packaging. Vincent Manil’s 100% pure heirloom Burley is a nice strong smoke for fans of pure tobacco flavor.

Peterson Summertime 2014

Peterson Summertime 2014

The most popular blend we have this year, the Peterson Summertime 2014 is a truly special Aromatic that smokes exactly as it smells in the tin--a rare and unexpected treat. A blend of Burley, Cavendish and Virginia come together with a finish of berry and citrus to help capture the scents of summer anytime of the year. And yes, the tin is gorgeous, making this a superior gift for any pipe smoker. We’ve even seen smokers who don’t think they like Aromatics be converted by this blend.

Help choosing your gift

If you’re unsure about which would be the best choices for your friend or loved one’s stocking, give us a call and let us help you choose. Our team is always happy to help you find just the right way to say “Happy Holidays” to someone you love.

What gifts are you hoping to find in your stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning? Let us know in the comments below orshare a picture of it with us on Instagram using the hashtag #SmokingWithSanta.