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Old Dominion Corn Cob Pipes

Old Dominion Corn Cob Pipes

Posted by Jack Rather on 28th Feb 2017

Old Dominion Corn Cob Pipes

Corn cob pipes are a famous tradition in American culture. Old Dominion Pipes Company 

honors that tradition by continuing to produce historically accurate and fully functioning corn cob smoking pipes.

Old Dominion Pipe Company Logo“Bloody Butcher” and Corn Cob Pipes

Old Dominion Pipes Co. manufacturers their tobacco pipes in Virginia and can trace their corn back to the “Bloody Butcher” variety grown in Virginia since the 1840s. This unique and colorful corn was dubbed “Bluddy Butcher” because of the unique deep red coloring of the kernels. This type of corn is now considered an “heirloom” variety, but was commonly used in pipe making during the mid-1800s, particularly in the Southern and Midwestern United States.

Traditional Bamboo Stems

The corn cob pipes produced by Old Dominion Pipe Co. are made with a historically authentic bamboo stem. This is unique among American pipe manufactures. Most corn cob pipes today have stems made of varying types of wood.

The use of bamboo for stems was popular in the late 19th Century. Tobacco pipes made with bamboo stems were even said to be a favorite of that most famous American pipe smoker, Mark Twain!

Corn cob pipes in modern lifeOld Dominion Corn Cob Pipes

Today, corn cob pipes are smoked for a variety of different reasons. Some smokers like that these pipes are inexpensive and simple. The no-frills, but clearly old-school style appeals to their taste.

Others prefer corn cob for its link to an America of old, a place where pipes were a part of almost every evening; where the simple act of contemplation was honored with a satisfying bowl of tobacco.

Still others use them to participate in historical reenactments, particularly when focusing on Civil War reenactments.

Clay pipes From the Real ThingOld Dominion Corn Cob Pipes

Old Dominion offer three clay pipes in their series. The Jamestowne, Venus, and Williamsburg. They try to make exact replica pipes from the ones used many years ago. These replica's are great smokers too! Pick your favorite tobacco and see.   

Two brothers recreate history

Old Dominion Pipes Co. was founded, in Virginia, by brothers Bob and Bill Savage. Both Bob and Bill fell have a passion for the traditions of Eastern Shore of Virginia, a place with a rich and vibrant agricultural history.

When the brothers first heard about the struggle to preserve “Bloody Butcher” corn, they wanted to help. They started by producing food products with this heirloom corn, then by producing tobacco pipes. (To read more history of Old Dominion Pipe Company click here).

Whatever a tobacco pipe enthusiast’s purpose for smoking a corn cob pipe, they are sure to enjoy one made in Virginia by Old Dominion Pipe Company.