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Paul’s Pipes Hangout: Fun smokes + useful tips [Video Interview]

Paul’s Pipes Hangout: Fun smokes + useful tips [Video Interview]

Posted by Jack Rather on 21st Aug 2015

In my first interview with artisan pipe maker, Paul Menard, I called him something of a Renaissance man. Watch this interview and you will see it too. Paul talks vinyls, fly fishing and more than a little about making smoking pipes in this hour-long hangout with chat with our founder, Ben Atanat.

Highlights from Paul’s interview:

  • Within the first five minutes Paul schools us on the complications of turning a perfect stem.
  • At around 16 minutes he explains the Janka Scale and why it matters for carving pipes.
  • From 21-32 Paul talks about his favorite fellow pipe makers and the artisan carvers who mentored him, with a serious love-fest with his friend and well-loved carver, Walt Cannoy, who also joined in with a few thumbs up for Paul’s stories.
  • At 45 minutes Paul shares the things you need to know when buying an artisan pipe and how to understand the cost differences.
  • Around 1:04 you’ll learn what makes a reverse calabash so unique and why the shape typically comes with a higher price tag.
  • Finally, we end with a giveaway and an introduction to Paul’s Golden Retriever.

Thank you to Paul, and everyone who joined us on the hangout!