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Smoking A Pipe In The Hobbit Films

Smoking A Pipe In The Hobbit Films

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 14th Nov 2014

Smoking a tobacco pipe is a popular pastime in Middle Earth. The Hobbit films are full of scenes of Gandalf the Grey and his famous Churchwarden, but look a little further and you’ll find pipes popping up in the hands of nearly every race on Middle Earth!

Beyond Churchwarden Pipes

The dwarves and hobbits in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films enjoy their stolen moments smoking a pipe between battles and running from Orcs. Although the pipes of Thorin Oakenshield™ and his company are all props made for the film, here are a few similar models…

Dwarfish Style Pipes

The pipes favored by the blustery dwarves central to the story of The Hobbit Films are shorter and more detailed than the Churchwardens you’re probably used to thinking about when picturing pipes in Middle Earth. We think that Thorin Oakenshield™ and his companions would be pretty happy with either of these tobacco pipes.

Butz-Choquin Marco D

Butz-Choquin Marco D

The BC Marco is a large Hungarian shaped pipe with a glossy black stain to accentuate the rustic finish and a burnt orange stain around the mouth of the chamber. Although not as detailed as the pipes of the fictional dwarves, we think the heft and pleasing hooked mouthpiece on this pipe would put an easily offended dwarf in a more peaceful mood (Learn more about the BC Marco Tobacco Pipe).

Rinaldo Lithos Rustic

This sitter pipe has enough drama to satisfy even a blustering Bombur with its chocolate stain, perfectly accenting the rustic carving and ringed bowl. The golden ring in the Rinaldo Rustic is reminiscent of the wealth under the mountain the band of Dwarves once toiled over in the films.

A Pastime Favored By Hobbits

As you may remember from The Hobbits films, these light-hearted souls love nothing so much as hearth and home. Sitting beside a fire and smoking a pipe is all that is required for the triumph of good in a Hobbit’s world. Perhaps this is why we love these mythical heroes so much—they represent the best of what it is to be human.

The pipes of The Shire folk are primarily versions of the Churchwarden pipes. Bilbo and company smoke their pipe weed and enjoy the comforts of a quiet life. Hobbits are an ostentatious bunch, evident in their preferred smoking pipes, which are large even for a human!

If, like the stars of Middle Earth, you prefer a quiet life, an evening smoke with one of Vauen’s Auenland (also known as “The Shire”) pipes is one you’re sure to enjoy.

Vauen Auenland Friddo

Vauen Auenland

The Friddo pipe has a short acrylic bit at the end of the stem for hygienic smoking, but is otherwise utterly authentic to the feel of a hand-carved briar pipe from the fictional Middle Earth. Measuring nearly thirteen inches long, this is a cool smoking pipe, even without the 9mm Dr. Perl Filter. Frodo doesn’t show up in The Hobbit films, but his pipe will enchant even the pickiest Hobbit fan.

Vauen Auenland Gilg

The Gilg pipe is a standout among an already exceptional line of Churchwarden pipes designed to honor The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The pipe has an acorn-shaped bowl and a marshy-sheen to the stem that would help any wannabe-hobbit blend into his surroundings. The Gilg is almost an inch longer than the Friddo.

Vauen Auenland Gilg

Vauen Auenland Hugg

The Hugg pipe is rusticated on the bowl with a gradual light-to-dark nutmeg stain on the stem which leads to an understated acrylic bit. A beautiful Churchwarden, slightly shorter stem than the Gilg or Friddo and with a little more bend.

A Pipe Fit For A Wizard

The Hobbits of the Shire might like their Churchwarden pipes giant sized, but we can’t help but think the more nomadic Gandalf the Grey would prefer a pipe a bit shorter than his walking stick.

Savinelli Churchwarden Rustic 601

The Savinelli 601 Churchwarden is our best-selling Churchwarden at and definitely perfect for any smoking enthusiast looking to channel the wizard. Smaller, shorter and easier to carry then some of the larger Churchwardens, they are also more economically priced. At under $100, any would-be wizard can own an Italian-made Churchwarden from Savinelli.

Unique Pipes In Pop Culture

Whether you prefer the shorter, heavier pipes or the distinctive and light Churchwardens made famous by The Hobbit films, it’s good to see the humble tobacco pipe making its mark on pop culture once again. Any of these unique pipes are sure to be a welcome addition to the collection of any LOTR fan.