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Tobacco Pipe Books

Tobacco Pipe Books

  • Bo Nordh, Pipemaker Bo Nordh, Pipemaker Back

    Bo Nordh, Pipemaker

    A beautiful biography of one of the author’s good friends and a well respected pipe maker, lost too soon. Explore the life and work of Bo Nordh in Jan Andersson. Written with care and...

    MSRP: $49.00
  • Loewe Pipe Packet Loewe Pipe Packet - Pipemans Library Loewe Pipe Packet - Loewe of the Haymarket Loewe Pipe Packet - Illustrated Cataloge of Loewe's famous Pipes Loewe Pipe Packet - By Appointment

    Loewe Pipe Packet

    You’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time, to the glory days of smoking pipes and tobacco, from the moment you lose the string on The Loewe’ Pipe Packet. Lovingly created to be...

    MSRP: $56.00
  • Pipes and Tobacco Pipes and Tobacco Back

    Pipes and Tobacco

    "And who shall say what noble thoughts, great deeds, either of brilliant achievement or of sturdy endurance, the world owes to the subtle influence of tobacco." --J.W. Cundall  Small enough to...

    MSRP: $21.00
  • The Pipeman's Daily Fare The Pipeman's Daily Fare Back

    The Pipeman's Daily Fare

     If a daily smoke isn’t enough to satisfy you, why not add a verse or two? This pocket-sized book of verses will tickle your fancy as you enjoy the poetic odes to the online forums, pipe...

    MSRP: $49.00