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In 2017, Brebbia celebrated its 70th anniversary with a special release of tobacco pipes honoring the history and lineage of the company. Although the company was founded in 1953, they get to 70 years thanks to Enea Buzzi's experience working as a pipe maker for Savinelli starting in 1947.


That was an excellent place for Buzzi to start, learning the skills and craftsmanship needed for making tobacco pipes. Not only was Savinelli an established name by 1947, but it was also family. Founder Achille Savinelli was Buzzi's grandfather, so pipe making was in the man's blood. After spending six years cutting his teeth and earning some respect working for Savinelli, Buzzi was able to open up his own show, and the Brebbia store took off.


There are two markings that help you recognize a Brebbia 70 pipe. First is the MPB stamp on the side of the stem. MPB stands for "Manifatture Pipe Brebbia," and it was the stamp that Buzzi earned while working for Savinelli. He was able to bring it to Brebbia after leaving the company.


The other marking is the metal disk embedded on the shank. This has the number 70 engraved on it, clearly marking the pipe for any collectors that are interested in a piece of history. The apple shape is a great shape and design for this pipe. Its simplicity and elegance pay tribute to the early designs of tobacco pipes. It will be interesting to see what the future anniversary pipes will look like when the time comes. Collect your 70th anniversary pipe now so you can be ready for when they release 80th, 90th, and century editions.

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