Brebbia Pipes


Brebbia Pipes

Compared to many storied pipe makers, Brebbia tobacco pipes came a little later to the party. However, the company comes from hollowed-tobacco pipe roots. Founded in 1953 by Enea Buzzi, the company had actually been producing pipes since 1947—the result of a partnership with Achille Savinelli. Buzzi’s pipes were stamped with the well-known Savinelli name to capitalize off the better-known brand.

Brebbia smoking pipes are still created in Italy, by a small staff of just 14 dedicated employees. The majority of Brebbia’s beautiful modified-Italian pipes are made using hydro-electric machine work to start and finished by hand.

Brebbia tobacco pipes are known as easy smokers; perfect for the beginner, because the pipe will grow with you as you learn about the ritualistic pleasure of smoking a tobacco pipe. These pipes only get better with age!

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