Brebbia Pipes


Brebbia Pipes

A relative youngster in the world of Italian tobacco pipe makers, Brebbia was officially founded by Enea Buzzi in 1953. However, this is not the start of Brebbia’s story. That comes in 1947, when Buzzi was able to work with his cousin, Achille Savinelli, at his factory.

That experience with Savinelli paid off when Buzzi moved back to the small Italian town of Brebbia. Paying homage to his hometown, Buzzi decided to name his new smoking pipe company after it.

Thanks to their factory’s location, Brebbia claims to have the best pipes from the start. The belief is that the environment in which the briar is cultivated and harvested from makes for a natural curing environment, so less time is needed to fully remove the tannins and other natural oils that cause tongue bite and other drawbacks that new pipes sometimes have. This gives the Brebbia pipes the sweet flavor the company uses as their claim to fame. 

This also adds to the affordability of Brebbia tobacco pipes, making them a great option for both new pipe tobacco smokers and enthusiastic collectors.

Briar is not the only material used by Brebbia. Their line-up also includes artfully crafted pipes with Meerschaum inserts, and various other materials. You should always be able to find something you like with Brebbia.

Brebbia smoking pipes are still created in Italy, and by 2016 they were still using only a small staff of just 14 dedicated employees. The majority of Brebbia’s beautiful modified-Italian pipes are made using hydro-electric machine work to start and finished by hand. You can read more about the history of Brebbia pipes here.

Brebbia tobacco pipes are known as easy smokers; perfect for the beginner because the pipe will grow with you as you learn about the ritualistic pleasure of smoking a tobacco pipe. These pipes only get better with age!