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Michele Brentegani is an artisan pipe maker out of Verona, Italy. One of the younger craftsmen in the industry, he quickly made strides as an alumnus of the Accademia della Pipa, developing a style that brings his own individuality out through the fluid integrity of Italian pipe design. 


After seeing a friend’s Churchwarden, Brentegani's existing passion for woodworking found a new outlet, and he soon crafted his first stummel. During his early efforts as a part time maker, Brentegani found assistance and guidance from the infamous Italian firm Brebbia, as well as from some established artisans, before being accepted to study at l’Accademia della Pipa. 


Brentegani’s design is marked by his command of different styles, with beautiful takes on everything from classical to neoclassical to the stables of Danish pipe shaping. He has a knack for getting the most out of a block’s grain, whether in his briar or olive wood pipes. Brentegani brings elegance out of the less common olivewood that is in a class of its own. 


With a selection of his work in front of you, it’s clear how Brentegani approaches each pipe with a command of balance. Some pipes catch the eye with vibrant stems or elegant ferrules. Others take a simpler approach, with the shaping speaking for itself. The physical lightness of much of Brentegani’s pipes feels apt to the natural, fluid movement of their shaping. 


With such strides made in his budding career, Brentegani is an artisan to watch. Already so accomplished, we can only see how the identity he’s carved in this field grows.

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