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BriarWorks Pipe Tobacco

BriarWorks was founded in 2012 by pipe makers Todd Johnson and Pete Prevost. Finding talent from all across the United States, they made their headquarters in Tennessee, near Nashville, in order to combine their passion for tobacco pipes and music.


They have been able to expand and bring in more pipe makers, growing as a fantastic company that works well to be the new wave of tobacco experts.


BriarWorks pipe tobacco is the result of a partnership between BriarWorks International and Cornell & Diehl. The blends are uniquely American in both their flavors and their naming. Most of them bring to mind exactly how they will taste, with food or drink based names like Peach Cobbler, Bacon Old Fashioned, Sweet Tea, and Unsweet Tea.


Meanwhile, the other three blends, Country Lawyer, Back Down South, and Pete's Beard, invoke the great memories of southern living.


The typical movie image of a southern country lawyer, with a smoking pipe in his mouth, arguing an important case in front of the judge. Sitting on the swinging chair on the porch at home, Back Down South with a refreshing drink in your hand while enjoying a cool, autumn breeze or maybe a refreshing summer rainstorm.


Then there's Pete's Beard. Named for one of the founders of BriarWorks, this both pays homage to southern facial hair styles of the past as well as recognizing the benefit of Pete Prevost's leadership. As the tobacco is described, this is "an all-day English blend for the southern gent."


Instead of the traditional tins you would typically see, BriarWorks pipe tobacco comes in mason jars, already made for cellaring and storage. This clever bit of storage pays homage to the southern traditions of moonshine, sweet tea, and relaxing in the summer heat.


Make sure you check out some All-American tobacco with BriarWorks.

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  • BriarWorks Country Lawyer Tobacco Pipe Jar - 2 oz BriarWorks Country Lawyer Tobacco Pipe Jar - 2 oz Tobacco BriarWorks Country Lawyer Tobacco Pipe Jar - 2 oz Front BriarWorks Country Lawyer Tobacco Pipe Jar - 2 oz Unsealed

    BriarWorks Country Lawyer Pipe Tobacco Jar - 2 oz

    This pipe tobacco is just as complicated as the personality of a true southern lawyer! Country Lawyer pipe tobacco is made up of cigar leaf, Black Cavendish, Burley, Dark Fired Kentucky, Orientals, and Virginia tobacco. This is most definitely one of the...

    MSRP: $15.50
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