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The Brigham Pipe Ashtray is more than just a place to dump dottle or snuff out a cigar. A high quality and expertly glossed ceramic material is light, easily transferable and easy to clean. With 3 slots to place a pipe, the user can pack a day’s worth of smokes and enjoy all day with no inconvenience. The included cork knocker will add years to the look and life of your pipes.

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  • Brigham Cork Knocker for Ashtray Brigham Cork Knocker for Ashtray Bottom

    Brigham Cork Knocker for Ashtray

    A pipe is an investment and should become a life-long companion. Smacking and pounding a pipe is on a hard surface is sure to shorten the life your pipe. Whether simple or scratches or a broken shank, emptying a bowl improperly is a bad habit. By simply...

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