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Brigham has been established in the pipe trade for over 100 years. It all started in 1906 with Roy Brigham where his pipes became in high demand. His first factory was opened in Toronto, making him one of the earliest briar pipe manufacturers in North America. That demand resulted in the hiring of a few more expert craftsmen.


Eventually, Roy’s son would join him in 1935. After serving in World War Two, Herb Brigham was able to come home to Canada with more experience in the European style of tobacco pipes.


This experience allowed the father and son team to improve upon their pipes. They did so when they patented the Brigham Distillator, a one of a kind pipe that improved the smoking experience by getting rid of the infamous “tongue bite” that occurs while smoking.


Their craftsmanship could only get better as years went on. The improved quality garnered further and ever-increasing demand. This led the father and son duo to gradually transform their small-time business into the enterprise it is today. There is no doubt that you will be able to find a pipe that suits you with the varied styles and shapes available.


After experiencing some hardships in the late 1980s through the 1990s, Brigham has come roaring back in popularity. With popularity soaring again to new heights, Brigham has been able to recapture the imagination that made them a premier North American tobacco pipe company.


With nine styles of pipes, there is a Brigham just for you. You can find plenty of styles, whether it is the sleek Klondike series or the unique bowl of their President line of pipes. Brigham offers affordable and reasonably priced pipes; you’ll be able to find the perfect smoking pipe to treat yourself right. Whichever pipe you choose, rest assured, you will be spending wisely as these pipes will last a lifetime.