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Captain Black Pipe Tobacco

The Captain Black Brand is the best selling tobacco brand in the world. Exported around the globe and enjoyed by novice and veteran smokers alike due to high quality components and gourmet blends.


A brand with a rich and diverse history, Captain Black was one of the earliest to bring aromatics to the market. This fresh style of tobaccos took the world by storm, quickly growing the Captain Black brand to newer and greater heights. Ask any smoker you know, and most of them will tell you that they have at least heard of Captain Black if they haven't tried something from them too.


We offer plenty of diverse options from the Captain Black line of pipe tobacco.


You can always start with the Original blend. A loose cut tobacco that offers a mixture of rich Black Cavendish, Burley, and some Golden Virginias, you get a deep but mild tobacco with a sweet taste that also carries hints of vanilla.


Maybe the Royal blend is more your thing. Named for the rich, blue color and not for any crowned persons, Captain Black's Royal blend comes as a mix of Black and Gold Cavendish. This will give you a sweet flavor that provides a savory vanilla aroma.


The Dark blend is a pure Black Cavendish that was created through the special steaming process developed by Herman G. Lane. Pick up hints of vanilla with this tobacco, and you will enjoy the sweet smoke.


Maybe you should try their Gold blend. It is a loose cut Golden Cavendish that practically shines from the color of the tobacco. This tobacco provides a balanced body that has a mellow taste.


Finally, you can select the Cherry blend. You will taste the cherry with this robust tobacco mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish tobacco.


As you have seen, Captain Black is a classic American brand that has created many timeless blends. Sail any sea with your favorite Captain Black blend!

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  • Captain Black Dark Pipe Tobacco Captain Black Dark Pipe Tobacco - 40g Pouch Front Captain Black Dark Pipe Tobacco - 12 oz.

    Captain Black Dark Pipe Tobacco

    Captain Black Dark is an all-black blend of rich dark tobaccos. A mild smoking experience but never boring. Sweet vanilla chocolate notes soothingly ripple over your taste buds. An all-day smoking blend which burns down to ash bowl after bowl. Captain...

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