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All Castello tobacco pipes are handmade in Cantu, Italy. The Castello Trademark series offers you a smooth, elegant smoking pipe that highlights the grain of the wonderful briar that was used.


The briar that makes a Castello tobacco pipe undergoes a ten year curing process, meaning that the company made sure they got the best possible materials for every handcrafted masterpiece in their collection.


Each Castello pipe is graded based on the company's rating system, which was developed by Franco "Kino" Coppo. Kino, the son-in-law of founder Carlo Scotti, ranked each briar pipe based on the quality of the wood, craftsmanship, and overall appearance. The pipes receive a grade from one to four K's. The more K's a Castello pipe has, the better the grade.


The Castello Trademark tobacco pipes we offer you here are all four K pipes, the highest grade possible. We agree with Castello here that only the best is good enough, and you should not have to settle for anything less than that.


We offer you three different pipes in this category, and they each will be perfect for any collection or pipe rotation. You will be highly satisfied with your Castello Trademark Tobacco Pipe.

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